DIY Mala necklace

DIY Mala necklace 8


Malas are traditionally Buddhist prayer beads made of 108 beads for keeping count during mantra mediations.  I’ve been looking around for one for awhile but could never find one in the gemstones that I wanted so I decided to make my own.


What you need:

108 beads (gemstone and timber are a nice combination)

Two marker beads for the top and bottom

Beading or embroidery thread.

Beading needle


Step 1.

To make your tassle. Wrap the thread around four fingers until you feel it is thick enough making sure both ends finish on the same side.

DIY Mala necklace


Step 2.

Wrap the cord around the end multiple times and then tie off the two ends. Trim the end.  You may like to put a small bit of clear nailpolish on the knot if you think it might fray.

DIY Mala necklace 2


Step 3.  Pass the needle through the top of the tassle and tie a knot so that the tassle will sit in the middle of the necklace.

DIY Mala necklace 3


Step 4. Put a marker bead on both pieces of thread and tie a double knot.

DIY Mala necklace 4


Step 5. Start putting beads onto one thread and tie a knot (or double knot if you need) to keep the beads separate.

DIY Mala necklace 5


Step 6.

Keep threading all of the beads until both sides match.  Tie a double knot, thread the final marker onto both pieces of thread before securing with a final double knot.

DIY Mala necklace 6

DIY Mala necklace 7

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