img_4077If I could sit down with you over something warm & sweet, I would tell you that you’re not alone.

I would reach for you, and place a hand on your shoulder, and assure you that you’re still in there – the old you.


Beneath tired eyes. Between aching bones. The you that thrived and would breathe gently, before the birth of you as a Mother.


Can you still feel her there?


It doesn’t take much. A mindful breath. A subtle centering. A daily practice – something to ground you, to comfort you, to make you feel loved by the most important person in your life (your Self!)


Right now, you’re in-between – and that’s okay! You’re tired of feeling tired, and worn, and stretched beyond your skin. You will not accept the loss of your loveliness. You’re seeking. You’ve taken the first step. And now, here we are.



Vive is the voice for the in-between.


The light that will lead you, not to a different, newer place, but back home, back to your Self. To your heart.


As a mother, I know firsthand that self-care becomes more difficult as the months and years go by. The more time we allow to pass between our fingers, the further we feel from being cared for.


A mother’s heart is needed, and her skin kneaded, and her attention divided. Days stack atop days, and after a while, we feel as if we’ve shattered – the old, lovely self lost somewhere between nappies and milk-sticky nights and sweet voices singing for mum, for mama, for mother.


During the 21 Days that you spend in the loving hands of Vive, you will radically reconnect to the part of yourself that fuels self-care. The one that never left.


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What others are saying about VIVE


“It’s like having an anytime, anywhere mothers group with a teacher who really knows what questions to ask to help you get to where you want to go.” – Ruth Meaney


“I felt like you were in my head when you wrote this course, so my initial feeling was ‘omg I am not alone, I thought I was the only one having these thoughts’…. so I felt so much relief and immediately felt like I needed to stop giving myself such a hard time. Then it made me reflect on a lot of things I thought I was already doing but now know I haven’t been consistent enough with. Also writing it down, completing something meant I made it happen. Action happened.


I believe this course is a must for all mums. It is very relaxed and full of the perfect tools to make life easier not more complicated. Bettina is extremely down to earth so that makes it enjoyable, believable and relatable to take part in. You can go at your own pace really and you have the content for life, so going back over this will be a life saver so many times. It truly helps with the things you look over each day as you become so accustomed to feeling stressed out and bogged down as a parent all the time and this course helps you with your own self care in a way that’s possible with children. Every mum could do it, every mum would benefit greatly from the tools the lessons offer and for me, my life feels more fun and I feel more relaxed and content from taking part in it.” – Kate Bowern


“The VIVE course gets mums back on their feet. It is full of gentle but super practical ways to feel better when you are exhausted and overwhelmed. I feel soooo much better everyday since I started. I’m really grateful I did it!” – Kate Rowe


“It’s definitely worth the money you pay – it has the ability to change your daily life and your outlook on motherhood. It covers so many aspects of life that you let slip as a mother!” – Melissa Frost



You will:


+  be supported to create the changes you’d like to see (in your body and life)

+   uncover practical tools to allow your body & mind to slow & breathe.

+ rekindle the confidence that lays smoldering in your belly

+ set boundaries & ditch toxic relationships (to food, to people, to things)

+   transform your home into a sacred, healing space

+   nourish the relationships you hold with your partner, your children, and your Self

+   make the mundane spiritual through ritual

+  discover ways to create more time in your day

+ cultivate gratitude, create a practice, and catch hold of what you’ve lost


what you’ll receive:


21 lessons individual lessons, offered to your email inbox each day.
& the entire written course delivered as an e-book up front – in case you’re the type of mama who likes to peek ahead!


Each lesson includes:


A quick, engaging video, as well as an activity, & an accompanying worksheet.


You’ll also snag 12 months access to  my online yoga studio so you can practice in the comfort of your own sacred space.


If you’re interested in traveling hand-in-hand with myself & the other women in Vive, you’ll be welcomed into a private Facebook group, where we will envelop ourselves in transformation over the 21 days.


We will also hold weekly live circles in our Facebook group to make our connection tangible.




When does the course start?

The next round of VIVE will start on the 23rd April 2018. Although we’ll be connecting in our Facebook group prior to the offical kick off.  You’ll find all the details in the Facebook group to hold your own ‘letting go’ ceremony so that you can release the old, before we welcome in the new.


What does the course involve?

Every day you’ll get an email with a short video from me and an activity to do.  Some days the tasks will be reflective, other days you’ll have something to physically do.  We’ll work through the 21 lessons together to make sure you get to the end and create the change you are looking for.


I’m really busy, will this course be right for me?

I get it, but if time is your greatest objection to NOT doing the course, I think it’s probably a sign you need this course more than ever.  We’ll start the course by learning how to make space in our days for  ourselves and this is honestly the key to making lasting changes in all areas of your life.


You also have lifetime access to all of the content and our exclusive Facebook group so that if you fall behind for any reason you are welcome to join back in at any time.  You will also be welcome to join back in the conversation when VIVE opens for enrolments in coming semesters.


What technology/ equipment do I need to be able to access the course?

The daily content will be delivered to your inbox and you’ll also be able to see the whole course via my website.  Everything can be viewed from your smart phone, tablet or computer.  If you’re a bit old school like me you might also like to print off the worksheets so that you can write down your reflections as you go – or work with a journal of your choice.


It’s really expensive – can I pay instalments?

Absolutely you can – I have the option to pay in 4 payments of $37.25 over 4 fortnights. Sign up for this option below.

As for the course being “expensive”, can I just say it is SO worth investing this money in yourself.  How many times have you splurged on clothes to try and make yourself feel good, only to feel frumpy in them in a couple of weeks time.  Or bought things on a whim because you were feeling down, or overwhelmed by it all, only to have the good feelings these purchases give you disappear after a day or two.

This course isn’t a quick fix. We will be working on changing our mindset so that we can change our lives from the inside out.  It’s not the magic pill that will work overnight but if you do the work you’ll be able to change the mindset that causes the weight gain and the overwhelm so that you don’t go looking to fill those holes with food or clothes or other things you don’t need.


Will you be running it again?

I sure hope so!  But at this stage no date has been set and it will likely be sometime next year. It’s also likely that the price won’t be as low as it currently is now, so I’d suggest jumping on board now.


How do I know if it’s right for me?

Are you feeling unhappy in your body after having a baby?

Are you feeling a bit lost in your direction in life?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

Do you know you need to make some changes but aren’t sure where to start?

Yes to any/ all of these?

This course is SO right for you.


Do you offer a refund if this course is not right for me?

Sure, I want you to feel confident about this decision to invest in yourself. Just send me an email before the end of the second week with your completed worksheets so that I can see that you’ve given it a go.


What results can I expect from this course?

Results will vary for every person as we will all set very individual goals based on our lives and what changes we want to make. That being said, you will come out feeling more confident in yourself, less overwhelmed, learn how to spend your time more wisely stay on top of the jobs you have to do as a Mum and also make time for you, evaluate and improve your relationships and start creating a life that makes you truly happy.


I’m not a Mum yet, but I’m pregnant – will I benefit from this course?

Absolutely. I wish I’d known all this before I became a Mum! It would have made the transition MUCH easier.


so, are you ready?


Each moment – every breath! – is a chance to begin again. To reconnect. To create something truly remarkable.

It would be my honor to stand beside you during this in-between time. As a sister, a fellow mother, a loving guide. Together, we can look forward into the light, and there we’ll find You – the vibrant, the nourished, the whole version of you – reaching back.

So it’s time to make the decision to invest in yourself.


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