You know you’re a coffee addict when…


1. Your daily coffee count surpasses the number of fingers on one hand and you decide it’s probably best you stop counting.

2. You’ve resolved to give up more than ten times already this year and you rarely make it past 10am.

3. You purchase the largest container of coffee that you are able to buy, and not for the bulk buy savings.

4. You sometimes tell your toddler that there is ‘no more milk’ because you are saving it for your afternoon coffee.



5.  Your toddler now also requests his own ‘coffee’ of a morning, and you’ve even bought him a plastic mug for him to drink his peach tea in.

6. You’ve resorted to writing a blog post about your beloved poison.

So it seems I have a problem… Are you a coffee addict too? Any advice for giving up the good stuff?

2 Responses to “You know you’re a coffee addict when…

  • bron@babyspace
    10 years ago

    oh, 4. is gold! I have no advice at all. fellow addict and all that.

      10 years ago

      How are you Bron? You must be busy with your other projects, haven’t ‘seen’ you around much!

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