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Do you find yourself often making the resolution to start looking after yourself better but find that by the end of each day, any form of movement is the last thing you feel like doing?


And during the day you probably have no time where you are free from children. (Perhaps it has even started to feel like they are permanently attached to your body?)


Maybe you’ve tried to do yoga in the past. Maybe you couldn’t afford to go to a class or weren’t able to find a babysitter, so you bought a DVD.  You got the baby to sleep and set the older ones up with an activity to do.


You hit ‘play’.  And it’s like they had a radar for ‘Mum is trying to do something for herself!’


The baby wails from the other room.   The big kids need a drink, or something to eat, or to go to the toilet, or something is broken, or spilled and she just hit me AND MUUU- UUM WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!


Not very zen.


What’s the solution?


Involve them. Turn it into play. Lighten up. Breathe.  It’s all yoga after all.


I was exactly where you are. I have to admit even as a yoga teacher, before I started doing yoga with my kids I googled ‘yoga for kids’ to give me some ideas.  Mostly I found the yoga equivalent of children’s entertainment.  A little too many blindingly loud outfits, over-the-top personalities and insultingly silly actions?


I’m not sure why it needed to be so FULL ON?  I believe you can be silly, have fun, sing songs and move your body without having to be larger than life to keep the kids’ attention.  All day long they have various forms of distractions competing for their attention.  I don’t believe a yoga practice needs to be just as intense.  (And it makes for a painful headache for anyone over the age of 5 trying to practice along with them!)


My approach to yoga with kids is a lot more simple.


We focus on moving the body.  We focus on learning new things.  Sometimes we’re daring and challenge ourselves, and we always laugh when we fall down.  Sometimes we play and imagine, and move our body into animal shapes. Other times, we’re quiet and tell stories and rhymes.  And most importantly we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  It’s meant to be fun after all.


Because I know how hard it is to get to a yoga class once you have kids (especially more than one!) I’ve designed this course just for you.

6 week Yoga with kids E-course

What’s included?

+ a 30 minute yoga class delivered to your inbox each week that will help you start re-building muscle and stretching out your tired Mama bodies in a way that also involves your kids.

+ a simple printable cheat sheet for each week’s class so that you don’t have to refer to the video every time if you don’t want

+ a short downloadable meditation each week to help you start bringing a little more zen to your mothering day.

+ access to a private FB group to ask for help, chat all things yoga and meet other like-minded Mums. (It’s like having your own private yoga teacher!).

+ email support for any specific enquiries (no question is too silly!).

+ a framework and support to set specific goals for you and a plan for how you will start working towards them.

+ access to course materials for an entire year (because I know when you’re a Mum, things just pop up and you may not get to everything in the six weeks)

Course Value $60

Start your free 30 day studio trial to access the content today 



“As a newcomer to yoga, doing kids yoga with Bettina has been an absolute blessing! Her instructions are easy to follow, and the fun little rhymes to engage and include my toddlers was great! We especially love the ‘Goodnight Yoga’ routine designed to calm and prepare little ones for bed- it has been a fantastic addition to our night-time routine. I have thoroughly enjoyed beginning my yoga journey with these classes, and love the encouragement throughout to practice at my own pace, to mix things up to suit our abilities, and to have fun with it! – Jessica Royce.




What if I don’t get through all the videos in the 6 weeks?

You have access to the course videos for one year and you can print off all the other materials so you can come back to them whenever you need.  The main benefit for signing up and completing the 6 weeks with us is that you will have support.  I’ll be in the Facebook group cheering you on and so will all the other Mamas.


What if I find the course is not right for me?

I hope that you don’t!  But just shoot me an email and we’ll sort something out.



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