Yoga with Kids Ecourse

Here you’ll find all the resources you’ll need for the next 6 weeks. If you’d like to receive a weekly email from me with all the content you can sign up for those here.


Take your time with each class. Practice until you feel comfortable with each of the poses before moving onto the next video.


Before you begin…

Watch the intro video below so you know what you need to start.

Print the planners and set some goals.



Week 1

Sun Salutation video – Start with basic structure for a sun salutation, then change it up by adding in the various poses in between. Sun salutations are a great place to start if you don’t have much time to practice as they’ll get you warm quickly and you’ll be using your whole body.

Morning meditation

Week 1 Printable


Week 2

Lower body focus videos ( 2 videos ) – Think thighs, butt and calves. The first 15 minute sequence will take you through strengthening poses whilst in the last 15 we’ll stretch it out. We finish with legs up the wall and a body focused guided relaxation.

Yoga nidra meditation

Week 2 printable 


Week 3

Core focus video – We focus on the core muscles (front and back) that strengthen and support the rest of the body. Just as we did in week 1 we start our practice with sun salutations and then move through a modified (challenging) version with a blanket. Whilst we don’t isolate the core muscles in yoga, you will feel that core section working particularly hard in this sequence.

Beach visualisation meditation

Week 3 printable


Week 4

Upper body focus videos ( 3 videos ) – This week we focus on building strength and opening through the upper body.  The arms, shoulders, chest and upper back often hold tension from carrying children, breastfeeding and hunching over computers.  Practice these poses to build strength and stretch out sore muscles.

Loving kindness meditation

Week 4 printable


Week 5

Restorative video – This week we take a break from the strong vinyasa style yoga and slow it down for a restorative practice.  There are no standing poses this week as we focus on slowing down the breath and stretching out the body.

Ideal day visualisation meditation

Week 5 printable


Week 6

Full wheel practice – We work towards building the strength and flexibility to move into full wheel pose in this class. Each of these poses helps to open the shoulders, chest and back as well as strengthen the arms, legs and core which is needed to move into full wheel.

Fear release meditation

Week 6 printable


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3 part video training to rebuild your core after babies.


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