Yoga for grief and healing.

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I don’t pretend to be an expert on grief or healing from it. Nor am I suddenly claiming to be a yoga teacher who specialises in teaching this type of class. I am simply a mother who is hurting and who is muddling my own way through this painful experience and I know from the many comments and emails I’ve received since we lost Orion that I am not alone.


I have been doing a lot of reading in this area; trying to find answers and tools to help. I’ve also been doing a lot of ‘talking’ to all of you who have emailed me your own personal stories. My top question when someone shares their own experience with this type of loss has been ‘so what, if anything, have you found helps?’.


The answers are widely varied, of course, but an element of acceptance comes into most. Acceptance of what is rather than living in the ‘what could have been’. Which of course shouldn’t surprise me as one of the main teachings of yoga – however the practice of this seems much harder than ever. It’s the ultimate lesson in non-attachment.


Today’s video is therefore a very personal practice. I am simply sharing some of the tools I’ve found in my own practice that seem to help shift some of the energy of grief.  We focus on setting an intention, opening up the heart space (which can become closed and hunched after a loss) and just generally stretching out to shake some of the energy of grief out of our bodies.


I would be honoured if you joined me in this practice.


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