Yoga for Mums – pelvic floor

The pelvic floor is an area that many of us shy away from talking about, except perhaps when it’s over a few vinos with close friends.  Yet the reality is most of us who have had a baby (regardless of how the baby was delivered) have some degree of weakening in this area.


The worst part? We often don’t notice it until we need it. You might find that for most of your regular day to day activities the pelvic floor muscles do their job perfectly well, and it mightn’t be until you do something new – a new form of exercise, etc that you notice they aren’t as tight as they used to be. Which is a wee bit of a problem, right?  (Sorry*  I literally couldn’t help myself).


Despite what you may be led to believe, you don’t need any fancy device or tool to exercise this area (just like you don’t really need equipment to work out – you just need to do it).


In today’s video I explain how to visualise and bring awareness to the pelvic floor muscles whilst working through a yoga sequence.  At first it may feel a little bit like brain yoga as you work to coordinate breath, contracting and releasing these muscles. Eventually though working these muscles will become natural as you move throughout your regular classes, in the same way that we engage the core throughout a yoga class.


Ordinarily I only share the short version of my classes for free on my youtube channel (the full versions are available in my online studio which can be accessed for a small fee – it helps me fund the creation of these videos).   But I decided to share the full length version today because I have a feeling I’m not the only one who neglects working this area no matter how many times I resolve to practice every day.


So grab some comfy clothes and unroll your mat and give this 30 minute yoga class a go.



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