Yoga for menstrual cramps

yoga for menstrual cramps


There used to be a time when I’d push on through with whatever I was doing, regardless of how I was feeling.  I think in many ways we’re led to believe this is expected of us.  Television shows us that everyone just gets on with it, even if they do have their period.  Tampons were invented for this very reason – so we can still swim and play sports and do everything we normally do, as if we didn’t bleed and get cramps every month.


There is only one problem with pushing on regardless. It completely denies the energy that we feel at this time of the month.  Our bodies naturally want to rest and recoup.  At this time of month, we feel physically tired.  We need to take this time to rest more, to dream and reflect.  Otherwise we get stuck in this cycle of do, do, do, never actually taking a moment to stand back and ask the question ‘why am I actually doing all this?’ or ‘is this actually what I want my life to look like?’.


So today I want to share a yoga class with you that honours the energy of this time of the month and will actually help to ease the cramps you might be feeling. Often cramping worsens when we have had an overly busy month and just taking that time to slow it down can help immensely.


So if you’re feeling a bit tired and cramp-y today, grab yourself some comfy clothes and pillows and get comfortable for some slow restorative yoga to ease those belly cramps.



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