10 Minute Yoga detox class

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Have you ever been tempted to start a STRICT detox regime for the new year? Were you convinced this was going to be the solution to getting fit, losing weight, toning up, winning a million dollars, being THE happiest person on the planet, etc, etc.


And then you start said torture… I mean ‘health’ … regime only to eat carbs/ sugar/ FOOD (or whatever other ‘devil’ that this particular regime denounces) by 3pm on the first day.


I know right. I’ve been there. Want to know why you don’t need to (and SHOULDN’T) be doing strict detoxes.


– Your body already naturally detoxes through the liver and lymphatic system. All you need to do is get blood and oxygen pumping around your body to help it along. Basically – move, move, move!


– Strict detoxes and diets just feel restrictive and are no fun at all. Who wants to live like that? Most people can’t keep it up for very long and just end up binging at the end of it anyway, which just creates a negative cycle that you’ll get stuck in. You’re better off slowly resetting some of those bad habits and going easy on yourself when you ‘mess up’ – it happens! (Sometimes the best parts of life are the messy bits anyway).


– Strict rules make us obsess. I know if you tell me I can’t have chocolate it is the FIRST thing I want. And think of all the other amazing things you could be creating, making and doing if you weren’t wasting all that time time obsessing about food.


So… with that being said my free yoga detox class takes the gentle approach to detoxing. Twisting the spine helps to compress the digestive organs (which helps to move things along), makes the spine feel sooooo good and any sort of yoga practice will get the blood pumping – wins all round!



This class is day 2 of the 14 Day Yoga Reset Program.  14 days of bite sized yoga for Mums to help you reset bad habits and create the life you want.  You can sign up to this free program to access all the resources here.

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