Why I Write.

Way back in July, Caitlin from Mother Down Under nominated me to respond to the blog hop ‘Why I Write’. Better late than never, right? It’s also probably not a bad time to reflect anyway – Problogger is now less than two weeks away!


What I am working on?

Too many things is probably the most accurate answer.

+ I have a book that is ¾ finished. It’s about Motherhood and nurturing ourselves whilst we raise little ones, and ironically I’ve been giving myself a huge break lately and just looking after myself, rather than finishing it. One day!

+ I’m attempting to get back to regular blogging here. Remember when I used to blog craft tutorials and yoga and motherhood stuff. Me too, (vaguely).   I miss it.

+ I’m still working with Caitlin on The Kindred Collective and whilst it will hopefully one day be a busy online space, we made the decision to start our focus on the local workshops. Our next workshop features Nikki Parkinson from Styling You and is for all women, not just Mothers. It’s going to be great!

How does my writing differ from others of its genre?

My writing probably differs because I break every rule about picking a niche and staying with it. My interests change and move between yoga, sewing, creating, craft, writing, motherhood, wellness, renovating, and general whinging (is that a niche?).

I always feel like others are more focused and know where they are going with their work, whereas mine tends to just be a narrative of where my scattered brain takes me.

Why do I write?

I have always loved to write.

I remember as a child I was always starting a new journal, scribbling down thoughts and recalling events (and never finishing the old ones as the perfectionist in me would always feel like the writing was too messy).

I started a ‘family newsletter’ when I was little and sold copies to my parents (always the entrepreneur). I think I even sold them a subscription which I never came through on. (Sorry about that Mum!)

Dare I say it, but I found university pretty easy because I can easily spin words out of thin air which is basically all you have to do at uni (oh and find someone important who said it first and credit them of course).

And now…? I just write about what I know; motherhood mainly, and my particular experience with it.

Why am I compelled to write about motherhood? Because it surprised me with its intensity and how little I really knew. Because I think too often we gloss over the reality of it when we speak to other Mother’s face to face yet really we all want to hear that everyone else is struggling too, that we aren’t alone.

And because I like the way putting my thoughts out there helps me feel more connected, that there are so many others going through very similiar experiences all around the world.

How does my writing process work?

I’d never really thought about what I do as a ‘process’ but I guess it is. For the blog, I mostly just note down ideas as they come and when I get a minute I start writing a post (usually in a Word document). Posts sometimes sit on my computers for ages as half written jumbles, other times if I’m really clear on what I’m writing about it will be published on the blog in the next few days.

And to keep this little hop moving along… I nominate Sarah at The Fifth Element Life, Julia from A WrittenRevolution, and Katie from Katie180.

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