Winter hibernation

I’ve been hibernating of late.  Going to bed early.  Sticking to myself.  My motivation for everything is virtually non-existant.  Even this little blog has been quieter than normal.


I could analyse it.  I could try and change it. I could stress about my ever-growing to-do list. But instead I’m just going to roll with it. (because let’s face it – the to-do list is completely self-made anyway).


Instead of fighting it, I’m going to enjoy my quiet days with this little boy who makes enough noise for the both of us.


I’m going to enjoy cozying up on the couch, watching bad tv and then going to bed early.


I’m going to enjoy sitting in the sun on winter days with my little family.


I’m going to enjoy doing nothing just for the sake of it.


Because apparently that’s what I need right now.


Are you hibernating this winter?



4 Responses to “Winter hibernation

  • Ditto.
    I actually just wrote a post so similar to this one!
    In terms of blogging, I am just flat.
    And at a time when I want to be recording everything!
    I am hoping that my mojo will return!

      9 years ago

      I had to laugh when I saw yours published shortly after mine. And look at me finally approving your comment and replying almost a week later! Come on mojo- this is getting ridiculous!

  • Heather
    9 years ago

    You know, it’s not just Winter, it’s summer too ( summer here) and I have been feeling the same way, sometimes I think us mommies just need a good break:) and you know what, it’s OK!! On a flight back home from Florida last week, I purchased TV on my flight and watched two hours of The Kardashians, just because I was kid free and able to do so ( i never get to watch trash tv anymore) and I felt SO awesome!!

      9 years ago

      Nothing beats trashy TV when you’re feeling blergh! I agree, we all need a break. Definitely not beating myself up over it. 🙂

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