Will I ever sleep again? (And a yoga for Mums baby wearing yoga sequence.)

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I feel like there are two types of sleep deprivation modes when you’re a Mum.  There’s the normal everyday range of ‘I’ve been up two or more times overnight but I’m still feeling pretty normal because that’s just my life now’ mode.


And then there’s the ‘I’m not sure if I slept at all… I can’t think… I’m pretty sure x, y z is the reason why he/she isn’t sleeping…. but then again… maybe it isn’t… oh who the f*** knows…  I’m not actually sure I can function…I wan’t to cry… why does everyone insist on sitting on me?… next time I’m coming back as the Dad’ mode.


It’s safe to say for the last few weeks I’ve been operating in the latter mode.  Rory has taken to re-enacting scenes from the exorcist at various hours of the night and for many hours at a time.  At one point in the early hours last week I found myself googling ‘how to get 8 month old to sleep’ and trying really hard to concentrate on the words but it was literally like my brain was broken.  I remember doing things to try and get him to sleep (i.e trying the dummy for the hundredth time)  knowing it wouldn’t work (and vaguely remembering that it would likely make the whole situation worse) but not being able to remember why it would make the situation worse so tried it anyway.  Only to finally remember an hour later when said baby was STILL awake, now overtired from all the useless sucking.


So anyway.  Things seemed to have calmed a bit this week.  I’m not holding my breath and I’m not a hundred percent sure what exactly is working but whilst it is, I’m going with it. 


Last week however I filmed this baby wearing yoga sequence for you after a PARTICULARLY bad night.  (I know, see previous note about brain not functioning. THIS is what my brain thinks is good idea after no sleep!)


Anyhoo.  All the crazy breath work in this sequence will have you feeling better in no time.  Not better than sleep would, but you know…




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