Why you need to stop trying to do everything perfectly when you’re trying to get pregnant

You’re doing all the things to improve your chances of trying to get pregnant.

No dairy or gluten.

No caffeine.


Seed cycling.

Good nutritious food.

No sugar.

No alchohol.



Charting your cycle.

And on and on it goes.

At first these things feel good. Empowering even. It feels positive and like you’re doing all the right things, so you must be stepping in the right direction.

But then months go on and still no baby. You blame yourself for that one glass of wine you had last month. Or that chocolate cake you ate at a birthday party.

It must have been that, you think, and vow to be PERFECT next month.

But trying to be perfect just feels STRESSFUL, doesn’t it?

Let’s talk about why you need to STOP aiming for perfection when you’re trying to get pregnant and how you can do that.

Why I quit trying to be perfect when we were trying to get pregnant

I remember being where you are. After our third loss, and after we’d taken a big break to get back in the right headspace, I started preparing my body to conceive again.

I was doing acupuncture, seeing a naturopath, taking herbs and supplements, not drinking, not using chemicals, daily yoga, not drinking coffee, I was charting my cycle … and on and on it goes.

And yet every time I would go and see my acupuncturist I would be told YET ANOTHER THING I was doing “wrong”. It began to feel like I would never be ready to try again. I wrote about that experience here.

Yet I felt ready.

I didn’t want to be told about the negatives anymore. I wanted to trust that my body and my intuition were right.

I let go of the idea that I needed to do everything perfectly.

I let go of feeling like I was somehow broken and needed to be fixed.

I let go of obsessing about doing everything right for fertility and instead focused on living my happy, healthy life.

Trying to get pregnant can take a really long time. I don’t think it’s worth trading your happiness for the stress of perfection.

Do the best you can.

Pick one good habit that you can add to your day at a time.

Let your pile of good things grow (and don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day. You’re human).

Sending you love and hope. xx

If you’d like to add yoga or meditation to your ‘pile of good things’ that will also help to relieve the stress, I have a free fertility yoga guide available to download here.

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