What’s in store for 2018

Last year I put it out there as my big goal for the year that I wanted to write a book. I remember when I set this goal that I had in my head that I’d have it done by June. (Cue the laughter of anyone who has every tried to write a book.)


I learnt a whole lot last year about writing a book, especially one on the very personal topic of finding happiness again after the loss of babies.


1. Writing needs silence and solitude (something that no mother I know has ample amounts of).  I wrote around the edges of family life this year and in hindsight, it wasn’t enough. I made it to about 35000 words and stalled. I need to make dedicated writing time if I’m to ever finish it.


2. In all honesty, while it was my BIG goal for the year it wasn’t really my top priority. I made myself and getting happy the most important thing for me last year.  I filled 3 journals full of writing last year, none of it fit for public consumption. It was just for me and my battered heart.

Every morning religiously, it was the first thing I did.  It was my daily therapy, a way to understand process my rollercoaster emotions. In hindsight, this was an important first step in writing about healing. (you know, actually healing for yourself first! Duh!) 


3. I discovered my book actually wanted to write itself and couldn’t just be pulled together as I first imagined in my head.  As I started to map out the contents, what I originally thought was going to be a collection of stories (mine and others), turned into something else entirely. Part journal, part community stories, part advice, part journalling course – things that are all still unfolding for me now and not something I could squish into my own preconceived timeline.


So the book goal didn’t happen. I mean it half did, so that’s a win right?


Now what’s in store for 2018?


The big goal that trumps everything for this year is obviously – baby. 


It’s funny once upon a time I would have pushed through a pregnancy working as hard as ever. Now I’m all like… meh, the baby wants me to rest and watch more netflix. 


My word for the year is TRUST, so I’m just going to spend my year trusting that everything is going to roll out exactly as it should.


With that being said, I definitely still have some things I’d like to do and finish this year. I guess the difference is, where once I would have put pressure on myself to achieve, hustle, get it done – now I put them out there, chip away, but I don’t beat myself up if these things don’t happen.



#1. Finish book. 

I’d love to finish before this baby arrives, but I’m open to the fact that it might not want to be finished by then, we’ll see. 


#2. Write daily. 

I don’t actually care if I only write 100 words but I want to carve out time every (weekday) morning to write. The book, this blog – more of all it. So far so good, as I write this to you with a steaming cuppa in my hand at 5am.


#3 Get rich – ha!

I’d like to be earning 6 figures by yesterday, #thankyouverymuch. Haha okay so not really. #itwouldbenicethough   Seriously though I do want to focus on FEELING richer.

Ie. pay off debt, get more organised with paying bills before they’re due, start saving for Christmas and holidays now – so it’s not a big pay out at the end of the year.

I used to be really on top of the money stuff, but in the last year I’ve definitely let it slide, and that makes me feel stressed out. It’s definitely something I’m trying to focus on over the next couple of months.  If you have any tips for me on saving money especially in the food department because these boys of mine ALREADY eat more than me and our food bill is re-donk-ulous. (#goingtoneedtobeinthesixfiguresbythetimetheyreteenagers)

We’ve started with this 52 Week Monday Saving Plan and while it felt a bit crazy moving $1 to a savings account I feel like it’s manageable after Christmas.



#4 More time for play

Those of you who have been around from the beginning probably remember way back when every other post was about something crafty. As yoga became more of a focus for me, the art and craft became delegated to the ‘when I have time’ pile (IE. the wishful thinking pile). But I want to make more time for it this year… what’s your version of play? Do you make time for it?


Other than that though, that’s pretty much it for 2018. Like I said though, baby trumps them all so if all I end up doing is growing big and round this year and giving birth, I’ll be a happy lady.



What have you got planned for 2018?

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