What to do when you’re plain ol’ tired of being a Mum

tired of being a Mum


This post is Day 2 on my mini-series “From surviving to thriving in Motherhood”.  Why the mini series? Because I’m celebrating the fact that my course VIVE – 21 lessons to ditch the overwhelm, reconnect and truly enjoy motherhood is open again for earlybird enrolment.  Check it out here. 


You know those days when you’re just… plain… over… it.


When you literally don’t have anything left in the tank and yet…they… still… want… more.


I’m talking about those days when you feel like packing it in and running away… or at least hiding so that no one can find you for at least ten minutes.


Yep those days. We all have them.


In this video I’m sharing my tips for coping when you’re tired of being a Mum. Watch the video below of keep on reading if you’re somewhere you need to keep quiet (like hiding in the toilet from your kids – lol).



What to do when you’re tired of being a Mum

Be honest about it.

I don’t think it helps anyone to pretend that you’re breezing along with everything when really you’re struggling. Vent to those who ‘get it’ is often enough to make you feel better.


Stop telling yourself it’s SO HARD.

If all day long you’re telling yourself how hard everything is, then the chances are… they’re going to feel really bloody hard. I often get stuck in this mindset myself.  While simply thinking positive isn’t going to complete change how your day goes, it does help make it a little less shitty.  If you’re only focused on the hard stuff, that’s all you’re going to see.


Take a time out for you.

Time just for you has to be the number 1 thing that all Mums need to make sure they’re getting enough of.  Without it, you’re likely to end up resentful of your partner and kids and it becomes really hard to enjoy motherhood.  Make sure you take time at least weekly for yourself, even if it’s only half an hour.


Check you’re physical health is not the reason you’re struggling.

It might be worth checking that the reason you’re feeling over it all isn’t physical.  It’s very common for Mums of young children to be low in iron which can greatly affect your energy levels. If you feel like you’re struggling to keep up it’s worth booking yourself in to see a naturopath or nutritionist who can send you for tests to check where you might be lacking in nutrients.

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