What I REALLY want this Christmas.



I remember as a child being completely confused when my parents said they didn’t really want anything for Christmas?!  How could there not be a single thing they wanted? Surely they were just holding back? Being polite?


And yet here I am this year without a single ‘thing’ on my list?  Not because I have every material thing that I’d like. Sure if I got started I could list things that I might enjoy on a whim – things that might make my life easier for a moment.  But these ‘things’ I could mostly buy myself if I wanted.  And yet I choose not to (for the most part anyway).


I prefer to see our little nest egg growing (even if it is ever so slowly.)  This small sum of money makes me feel richer (and dare I say it – more abundant) than any diamond or new device.  How lucky are we?  We can pay the bills and put a small amount away each week.  (I have to try really hard though to remember this when I have one of those stressy days where I’ve just dropped ANOTHER $100 at Coles after going in just to pick up some milk.)


That being said there are a lot of things that I’d like to ask for this Christmas. Unfortunately (or fortunately) they mostly don’t cost anything and I’m not sure you’re actually meant to put these sorts of things on your Christmas list. But what the hell… this is what I REALLY want this Christmas.


+ A sleep in ’til 6am. Actually… let’s be indulgent –  7am.
+ A cup of coffee drunk slowly (and still hot) whilst one very excited little boy opens his presents and the littlest boy most likely delights in eating the wrapping paper.
+ 3 days of Christmas (and three nights of FULL sleep to match –  not too much to ask right?)  Our Christmas ‘day’ span 3 days- Andrews family, mine, then the ‘adopted extended family’.


+ Actually whilst we’re on that topic. A baby who suddenly decides sleep is awesome and continues to sleep a full 8 hours (at least) through the night.


+ A sneaky hour to find myself on my mat somewhere over those 3 days.
+ Time to ponder the magic of Christmas lights and pretend for a moment that I’m ten years old again with only endless summer days stretching ahead of me.


+ Someone else to do all the washing that those 3 days of craziness will build.


+ No tantrums (of child or adult variety).


+ Someone to remind me every so often to ‘ really be there’ for every minute this year. To commit every minute of Christmas with a three year old and 10 month old to memory.  Children really do make it painfully obvious just how fast time is flying – don’t they?


So that’s my Christmas list this year.  What’s on yours?

4 Responses to “What I REALLY want this Christmas.

  • So simple. But that’s what really matters. I am not trying to get caught up in unnecessary consumerism. I aim to be present and enjoy Christmas with my family and especially my 4.5mo.

    • Bettina Rae
      7 years ago

      That sounds like the perfect Christmas Amy. I hope you have a very merry one! X

  • I am soooo with you on the “no tantrums” – I my case from adults nor teenagers.

    Merry christmas – hope you have some lovely days of celebrating.

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