What I am leaving in 2016



As we head into 2017, it can be tempting to focus on all the new shiny resolutions you want to make.  Looking towards the new is the easy part.


Reflecting on the year that’s been and deciding what you will leave behind … that can be hard.


That may mean admitting to yourself all of the resolutions you made last year that you didn’t actually meet.

Or feeling all the feels about what went down this year.

It can mean feeling the disappointment over all the things you didn’t do.


It can mean taking an honest look at what isn’t actually working for you – habits, jobs, beliefs, people


Ask yourself…


What felt hard, frustrating, out-of-balance?

What did you struggle with?

What created the most suffering for you this year?

What beliefs about yourself, the world, others held you back?

Who pushed your buttons this year? Was it growth-creating or draining?

What did you feel resentful of this year?


The answers to these questions will leave the clues to the things you need to leave behind in 2016.


What I’m leaving in 2016


#1. Saying ‘yes’ when I really want to say ‘no’.

#2. Feeling guilty about the things I do just for me.

#3. The need to know where things are going… what the future looks like… attempting to control the uncontrollable.

#4. Uninspiring comparison.

#5. The image in my head of what life is ‘meant to look like’ now.

#6. One-sided friendships.

#7. Putting everyone else’s priorities first.

#8. Apologising for my opinion.


What are you leaving in 2016?


Did this exercise show you that you have some big things to let go of this year, perhaps VIVE can help.  VIVE is my online course – 21 lessons to ditch the overwhelm, reconnect and truly enjoy motherhood. We’d love for you to join us.

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