Want to know the secret to getting people to do what you want?

getting people to do what you want


So do you want to know the secret to getting people to do what you want?




Now I could finish this post here, because really, this is the whole point of what I want to say – but let’s explore a little bit further, shall we?


Are you often disappointed that your partner doesn’t do the things around the house you wish he /she  would do?


Have you asked?


And not in the passive aggressive after-thought kinda way, where you have a little stab at their hopelessness. But in a ‘hun, can you please pick up those … before you go to work. I am going to vacuum today.’ (Side note, I’ve found offering a reason why they should, other than the fact that they just-bloody-well-should-have-already helps to motivate 😉


Do you feel upset that you go out of you way to help someone else but they don’t reciprocate for you?


Have you asked?


Do they know that what you do for them, is what you would like in return? Ask for it. They probably think you’re so organised and ‘all over it’ that they never thought to ask if you needed help too.


Are you frustrated that you keep getting passed over for all the best jobs at work?


Have you asked for them specifically? And did you keep asking?


Do you get annoyed that your little people don’t ever pick up after themselves?


Have you asked? (and asked and asked again). And helped them do it until they’re able? Or did you give up on the first no?


Are your friendships not as supporting and loving as you’d like?


Have you asked for the type of friendship you want?


Or have you just accepted what they offer? Of course it’s not just about you – BUT if you accept their one-sided version of friendship where you are there for them, but they are never there for you – that is all you will ever get.


Do you find that you never seem to get exactly what you want? Not the right meal, the right service, the right product.


Did you ask for exactly what you want? And did you keep asking until it was right?  Or did you shy away and ‘not want to be a bother’ by continuing to ask?


Ask your family.

Your kids.

Your husband.

Your boss.

Your bank.

The salesman.

Your employees.

Your colleagues.

Your friends.

Ask the universe for exactly what you want.


(Of course, to do that you must first know what that is.)


Let’s vow to quit the mind games of hoping others will read our minds (and feeling perpetually disappointed when they don’t) and simply ask for what we want.

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