Turn off all the noise

eamon sanddune


Life is damn noisy.  At least it is in my head most of the time.


The constant questions of a three year old…

Scrolling through Instagram, liking all the pretty, finding inspiration and making mental lists of things I plan to do…

Abc for kids unwatched in the background…

The sound of someone watching a Facebook video on the lounge…

Thinking about what I will make for dinner and what time of day I need to start for it to be ready before midnight…

Checking in on Facebook and reading what everyone I used to know is doing or ‘likes’…

A baby babbling, whinging, crying…

The sound a of saw, nail gun, or compressor going off at regular intervals…

The washing machine spinning madly or singing its annoying tune to tell me yet another load is ready to be hung…

Speed reading blogs I used to follow and getting to the end of my blog roll without being able to recall anything I’ve just read.

And that’s usually all before breakfast!

I’m finding more and more the need to turn it all off.  I’ve deleted most of my ‘liked’ pages off my personal Facebook, unfriended and started only checking in on notifications, rather than my regular random scrolling.  I rarely watch tv anymore.  I can only do one thing at a time now where I used to be able to watch something , work on the computer usually whilst eating lunch as a well. (Terrible I know!).


Eamon beach


I’m finding more than ever I need to find my mat at some point in the day, even if it’s just to collapse in silence.  Without it I can feel myself getting edgy, a little less patient and frankly a whole lot grumpy.

I no longer want to fill my days with plans and prefer to just keep busy in the morning, then spending the rest of the day as it pans out (usually trying to talk little people into taking naps so I can close my eyes properly!).  And if we do end up having a busy day I find it takes me a couple of quiet days to recover.


Eamon sliding


Where once I couldn’t leave the house without my phone,  I now find myself forgetting to take it with me altogether.  (A nice side effect is that I’m picking up my ‘real’ camera more often rather than just grabbing for my phone).  I feel myself sighing with relief when I turn it on airplane mode before bed every night (where once the constant dings of emails could be heard into the early hours).

Am I just getting old or is this just a reaction to life with two kids? Or life in a very loud mental world? This instinctual need to quieten and turn off all the noise?

Do you feel the need to turn off more and more or is it just me?



2 Responses to “Turn off all the noise

  • My house is very noisy right now. With the inlaws staying it is like everything is turned on at once. FIL turns on TV LOUD all day every day the moment he wakes. Normally Jarvis is allowed to watch it in the afternoons while I cook dinner.
    MIL is a very loud talkative person, even speaks on her phone in speaker mode, she plays music on her laptop.
    So add this the a toddler a [art time baby, my brain is feeling fried. I find myself going up and sitting talking to the chickens for longer than it takes to feed them, just to escape the levels in the house.

    • littleoldsouls@hotmail.com
      9 years ago

      Sitting with the chickens sounds like a great idea!

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