Tie Neckline Dress – free pattern and tutorial

I’m loving the tie neckline dress that are everywhere in stores at the moment. I decided I would work out how to make them so I could run off a few and have a summer wardrobe sorted.  I did a trial run using a floral that I had in my stash (bought from an op shop ages ago) and now need to visit Spotlight to get a few different fabrics.  A maxi version is next on my list.
To make this shorter version I used about 1.5m of fabric. I used an old pattern to get the shape right for the body pieces and modified it to create the neck tie version.  You can download and print the body pieces here. I am a size 8-10 so whilst it is pretty flowing anyway, you will need to add a few cm to the sides and top if you are larger.
If you’ve never printed a pattern before be careful to check the scale prints accurately.  If not you’ll need to adjust your printer, so just print page one first to check.  Then you will line all the pieces up using the row and column number in the top corner.  Tape it all together an then cut out the pattern pieces.

1. Cut 1 on the fold of the back piece and 1 on the fold of the front.  Cut a length of fabric 5cm wide for your neck tie.  You will need to adjust the length depending on your size and how much large you want your bow to be.

2. Overlock or zigzag the sides of both the front and back piece.

3. With right sides together, pin and sew the front and back piece together.











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  • So pretty! I love this style of dress but could never get away with it as my boobs need confinement at all times and the bra straps aren’t the best look! Instead I’ll have to make about 50 of these for my little miss. Thanks for the tutorial!

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