Third Trimester Yoga

third trimester yoga

Third trimester yoga, especially in the last few weeks of pregnancy often looks very different to yoga in the other stages.

Your belly is now very much there, you’re probably moving a whole lot slower and you may even find your back and legs are aching more than usual.

All of this is totally normal. And while I know it can be tempting to just sit on the couch and write it off as ‘all too hard’, a little third trimester yoga can really help you to feel better, sleep better and prepare your body and mind for the main event that isn’t too far off now – birth!

Why you should practice yoga in the third trimester

+ It helps to keep you connected to your ever-changing body. Instead of feeling like you don’t recognise your body anymore, yoga helps you to stay in touch with where your edges are?  Does that even make sense? You know when you’re heavily pregnant and you keep bumping your belly on things because you underestimate how big you’ve gotten? Yoga helps your mind keep up with how your body is changing. Less belly bumping as a result.

+ We’ll focus a lot on the breath which is the best kind of birth preparation you can do!

+ It helps ease the tension in your legs that builds up from carrying extra weight during this last stage of pregnancy.

If you have any issues with pelvic instability or sciatica pain, I suggest you skip this one and check out the linked posts instead.

Otherwise you’re good to go.

If you practice this yoga class – let me know how you go. Tag me in a pic on social media or leave me a comment. Want more yoga for pregnancy?  Download my free yoga guide for pregnancy and birth here or check out all of my classes in my Online Yoga Circle. 

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