That fun tradition of finding the perfect tree…

In Andrew’s family they’ve always chopped down their own tree from the farm.  So every year I’ve been here that’s what we’ve done.  (Admittedly every year I’ve also tried to sell him the benefits of a plastic tree that doesn’t fall apart, smell or die. No luck yet!)


I’ve actually blocked last year’s trip from my memory.  Let’s just say it involved 40 degree heat, a very pregnant me, a bumpy ride across a paddock, an incident with a barbed wire fence and prickles ending up in my pants.  Don’t ask.


I told myself this year would be better, this year it would be fun! Eamon would love it! Our first little family tradition.

We left at 8 to go the farm. It was already 30 degrees.

Because we no longer have a ute, we took the tractor.  3 of us.  In a tractor.  All the way across a very bumpy paddock.

Once we actually get to the trees Andrew starts chopping away, whilst I look for the one with exactly the ‘right’ shape.   I wish I could capture the look on his face each time I say ‘nope, too small’, ‘too  skinny’, or just ‘no’.

In the end we came home with two trees.  The big one that I wanted and said I would trim to fit, and the back up tree in case I got a bit ‘snip-happy’.

The watermelon all over the singlet and mouth really adds to this photo, don’t you think?

All exaggeration aside, this year was way better than last year.  Although Andrew did mention on the way home…

‘Why are we even getting a tree now? We’re going to the coast for 2 weeks on Tuesday?  It’ll be dead when we can back.’

So helpful.

2 Responses to “That fun tradition of finding the perfect tree…

  • Stylish Kylie
    10 years ago

    Oh those photos are so cute. Hope your tree survives your holiday.

  • That last picture is too cute!
    Toddler C has a chronic watermelon mess problem too…watermelon or mango…one or the other is always all over his front!

    Enjoy your holiday!

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