Thank you 2017

thank you 2017

Normally at the end of each year I write a big wrap up post about all the things we did that year.


I have no absolutely desire write one of these for 2017.  I do not need to see the challenges and events of this past year listed chronologically and in black and white.


Instead I want to focus on all the things I’m thankful to 2017 for teaching me. It’s been a big year of personal growth and while it definitely hasn’t been a year of roses and daisies, I know I wouldn’t be where I am now without the challenges 2017 threw at me / us. (As I write this I feel a little kick from inside my belly, another little reminder of how far I’ve come.)


So 2017,  thank you, you big, ugly, hairy, beautiful year for…


+ showing me that I can survive more pain than I ever knew possible and still find happiness and light on the other side


+ opening my eyes to the absolutely miracle that is my two beautiful boys (and of course I loved and cherished them before, but I don’t know, there is something about loss, and multiple losses – that has definitely opened my eyes to how we’re all just bloody walking miracles. Do you know how many odds we have to overcome to even be here? I won’t bore you with the stats, because lord knows my brain is filled with too many of them. Just know you’re also a miracle.)


+ the breakdowns that brought Andrew and I closer than ever before


+ making me completely re-evalaute how I spend my time and helping me to realise it’s my job to make time for the important things, and say a big, absolute-no-guilt NO, to the things that aren’t my top priorities (even when this means disappointing people I care about – putting my hand up as a recovering chronic people pleaser right here! Tell me I’m not alone in this.)


+ helping me see that getting help in all kinds of places is actually being strong, not being too weak to care for yourself, as I think I may have subconsciously thought previously. Naturopathy, acupuncture, counselling, energy work, rebirthing – alllllll the things I now have in my toolbox for whenever I need help again.


+ connecting me with so many strong, amazing women this year. It’s funny (actually it’s not funny at all) how many come out and share their stories with you when you literally bleed your heart all over a blog.  I couldn’t have made it through the hardest of times without these women helping me feel less alone and showing me that getting to the other side can be done.


+ delivering new ideas into my brain at 2am and then getting me going on renovations before I had a chance to talk myself out of the big scary project that is opening your own bricks and mortar business.


+ teaching me how to finally trust my own intuition more than the advice of evvvvverrrryone else


+ the gift of this little boy who grows in my belly, and who is already so loved in our family.


With that, see ya later 2017. 2018… be kind. x



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