The contradiction of taking time for ourselves


I’m writing this from the Gold Coast where I’m staying for two nights for the Problogger conference.


Two nights (and days) without having to prepare meals. Two nights where I don’t have to get up when a little person calls out.  Two days where I don’t have to clean or organise anything. Two nights (and days) where I only have to think of myself.


And how do I feel…?


Excited, a little apprehensive (it’s a big two days of learning that I came away from feeling very overwhelmed last year) and also… a little bit sad. (and maybe a touch of guilt – though I’m trying my hardest to squash that one)


This is longest I’ve been apart from Eamon since, well ever. I’ve left him overnight before but usually I’m back fairly early the next day so it hasn’t felt like a big deal before.


And it’s a total contradiction isn’t it. I’m an advocate for taking time for ourselves as Mothers. Whenever Andrew goes away I’m always saying how I’d love to be able to do the same, maybe not for as long as he does, but to be able to take that time out that makes you really appreciate the time you are there.  Its always the first advice I give to my friends who are Mothers when they feel they aren’t coping – “take some time for yourself”. Yet here I am feeling a little uncomfortable now that I have it.  Feeling a little bit lost, like I’m missing something (or someone).


So I’ve decided to take my own advice.  To keep pushing the guilt away and to see the small case of the sads as a good sign. It’s obviously a sign that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be in life, if the moment I step away from it, home is exactly where I want to be.


Tell me I’m not the only one who desperately craves time for me but then feels a little bit lost when I do get it!?

6 Responses to “The contradiction of taking time for ourselves

  • Bettina! I hear you! I am about to leave the babies for the longest time ever whilst I go to Brisbane for a wedding. Such mixed emotions….. Really want & need some time out BUT so anxious. Watch this space

      9 years ago

      Good luck! In the end I did my best to enjoy myself and coming home has been oh so sweet because of it! xx

  • Katie Rainbird
    9 years ago

    I want this problem! X

  • Heather
    9 years ago

    nope, not alone, I actually like when I have to leave for work for a few days and I get to stay in a big bed by myself, tak a looooooooooooong hot shower, watch trashy tv ect. But also I keep missing my husband and little guy, but still try my best to enjoy it.

      9 years ago

      Long hot showers ALONE! The best part of being away!

  • I am not sure how to. We left Jarvis with Tamika for three hours last week. First time Justin and I have not been with him. Justin takes a LOT of me time, yet the only time I ever have apart from Jarb is when I am at work.
    Trying to figure out how to take more me time so I can work at home more is an on going battle

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