Struggling to feel hopeful when trying to conceive?

It can be really hard to feel hopeful when trying to conceive. Especially when it is taking a long time, or perhaps like me, you’ve experienced some losses. In a recent video I spoke about how I used scripting for days when I just couldn’t imagine a positive future that included a baby anymore.

A lot of you expressed interest in knowing exactly what scripting was and how you could use it so this post (and video below) are for you.

Personally I started using scripting after I’d gone through 3 losses. I had been using visualisation (imagining the future I wanted to create) each morning as a part of my yoga practice, but after losing my third baby I was struggling to create that positive vision in my head anymore. Instead my head was filled with doubt and negativity.

I came across the idea of scripting from someone in the manifestation space who spoke about how they used it to trick their body into feeling like they had already achieved something. That’s when I got the idea to try and use a script to help me visualise on the days where I couldn’t get my imagination into that positive space.

feel hopeful when trying to conceive

What is scripting?

Scripting is just like creating a script for a play or a movie, except you are creating one for the future life that you’re trying to create. It’s up to you how far in the future you want to set your script, most importantly it has to feel believable for you. If you can believe it, you can create it and scripting plays an important part of this.

How to use scripting to feel hopeful when trying to conceive

Step 1. Write your script. It should explain the details of a day in your life including all the people, events, things and feelings you want to create.

It’s best to write your script when you’re in a positive frame of mind. And while it’s better to have one written by you (so that it’s in your own voice and super specific to your situation) if you’re in a really negative space right now feel free to borrow mine until you’re ready to to write your own.

Step 2. Read your script every day (or on the days where you can’t visualise on your own) and focus on seeing yourself living this life and feeling how this day would make you feel.

Step 3. Revise your script when it starts to feel stale. You might need to revise your script if you find yourself reading it without being able to feel positive emotions anymore.

What should your script include?

Include in your script everything that you’re wanting to create in your future. So obviously, as we’re talking about using scripting when you’re trying to conceive, you will include something that will help you visualise your pregnant belly, or perhaps a baby in your arms.

But I wouldn’t just stop there. This is a great opportunity to also think about what else you want life to include and to reevaluate some of the other choices that you’re making now. Other questions you might like to consider….

What does your work life look like?

How do you move your body?

How do you take care of yourself? (Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually).

Who do you spend your time with?

How do you feel each day.

Example positive future script for those trying to conceive *

*I highly recommend changing the details so that this script suits you.

I wake each morning before anyone else rises. I pour myself a cup of peppermint tea and sit in my favourite chair with the rising sun on my face. I take ten full deeps breaths and allow myself to just be present. With a hand on my belly and the squirming happy baby within, I listen to a guided meditation that is helping me to prepare for birth.

I then take the next 20 minutes to practice a pregnancy yoga class. I feel large and heavy, but supremely content.

I make myself a light breakfast and my partner joins me at the table. We eat together and discuss our day, and then the things we are still yet to buy for the baby.

After breakfast, I take my time getting ready and then walk a slow pace to work. My work day keeps me busy and focused, as I train my replacement for once maternity leave starts. I’m home by 4pm and spend a couple of hours in the afternoon doing what I love most: ___________. I take the time to cook dinner while chatting to a good friend of mine who is also expecting any day now. I’m so excited to share this next chapter with her.

My partner gets home just as dinner is ready and after we eat together we hang a couple of artworks in the nursery. We finish our day watching our favourite show together on Netflix.

One last thing…

Your emotions are the key when it comes to visualisation. By imaging these events in our mind we are allowing our bodies to feel the experience before it happens. Our bodies can’t tell the different between what is happening and what we are just imagining, so we are creating the chemical reactions in our body for the future we want before we’ve even lived it. This is why visualisation and scripting can be so helpful in managing the stress of infertility and helping you to actually enjoy the journey to your baby.

If you’d like to use other yoga tools to help you feel hopeful when trying to conceive download my free fertility yoga guide here.

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