Why stretching the side body is important too.



I don’t know about you but most mornings I wake up and find myself in the strangest contortion around Rory (and sometimes both of them) because at 3 am anything that will work to keep him asleep is happening. Even if that means waking up yet again with the familiar aches and pains that come from co-sleeping with little people who are must be wrapped around your neck and refuse to lie still.


So today’s yoga class is for stretching the side body to help ease those aches and pains from too long in awkward positions.


The side body can often be neglected in a yoga practice because we are often too focused on strengthening and stretching the back and front instead.   But taking the time to stretch out the body can actually help us find more ease in our forward folds and backbends and can help to give us a better overall balance.


Try this 20 minute class first thing in the morning and see if it doesn’t make a difference.

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