Sore back after having a baby? Try this gentle postnatal yoga


It’s pretty common to have sore back after having a baby. The combination of an inevitably weakened core and being almost permanently in a strange position around a baby now does not make for a happy back.


What you can do to help a sore back after having a baby

+ Focus on posture

Where possible try and remember to find good posture, especially when you find yourself in the same position for hours (like when you’re trapped under a sleeping babe or rock rock rocking the wee hours).

Basically just like your Mum used to tell you and you’d eye-roll at her behind her back. Draw your shoulders back and down, draw your tummy in towards your spine and lift your head as tall as you can.


+ Strengthen your core

One of the main reasons we get a sore back after having a baby is because our core is weak and we’re now lifting around this little weight all day and without being able to brace from our middle, our back has to compensate.

As soon as you feel ready, start gently strengthening your core and pelvic floor (they work together) to ease that aching back. (Check out my youtube channel for some core strengthening videos).


+ Take some time to stretch out

I know, I know. When you’ve got a billion and one things to do an exactly 40 minutes (or how long your baby cat naps for), stretching can feel like your last priority. But if you can just take five minutes to do a little stretch out of the legs and back your body really will thank you for it.


Want to practice along me? Check out the early post baby class below. ┬áIf you practice this class, take a pic and tag me on your socials – I love seeing who practices with me at home. x

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