Should you take a break from trying to conceive?

break from trying to conceive

Have you been thinking about taking a break from ttc? I know for me, it was an idea that I thought about on and off for aggggeeesss before I finally realised that it was something I needed to do.


I guess what held me back from taking the break earlier was that I felt like it meant that time would just be slipping through my fingers. It felt like it meant that it would just take me even longer to have the baby I wanted so much.  And if I’m being honest, when I was so focused on having a baby… I also felt a little lost when I thought about life without that focus.  What exactly would I be planning for if not a baby?  It might sound a little crazy but I really was that focused on trying to have a baby that I’d lost sight of everything else.


How to know if you need to take a break from trying to conceive?


+ You’re feeling stressed, anxious or emotional about the whole thing.

+ You feel like you can’t commit to anything else at the moment because you don’t want it to affect your chances or you keep thinking ‘I can’t do that then because I might be pregnant’.

+ Your relationship is struggling from the pressure of trying to conceive.

+ Your sex life just isn’t the same. It feels routine or something you ‘just have to do’.

+ You feel depressed.

+ You feel disconnected from friends and family around you who really just don’t get it.


+ Maybe you’re just starting to feel tired of it all and wish you could go back to when you used to enjoy life without having to think about when you’re ovulating or how long since it’s been since you had sex, or counting down the days until you can test.


Yep. I was exactly there.


Today I want to share with you a little video on why taking a break might be a good idea for you and what to do while you’re on the break to make sure that you can come back to trying to conceive feeling better than ever.


I know it’s a really hard decision to make because it can feel like it’s ‘wasting time’ that is already ticking, but I promise you it can also be a really great way to look after yourself (and potentially improve your chances of conceiving as well).



Have you ever taken a break from TTC? Did it help you?


Perhaps you’re not ready to take a break entirely but definitely want to stop the obsessing and stressing. You might like to check out my Online Fertility Yoga Course.  We start by stopping. Which sounds counter-intuitive, I know,  – but I think it’s important to stop trying to do everything perfectly and start relaxing a little in this whole trying to conceive process. Worst case scenario – it makes it a whole lot more enjoyable anyway. 

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