Mothering the Soul



You’re a Mama with big dreams.

You love this mothering gig with all your heart but you also dream of something more.

Your old job, habits and life just isn’t you anymore.

These little people have made you want to be better.  You know what you need to change but you just don’t know how to do it.




Motherhood takes everything out of you and you can’t possibly imagine how you will find the time to follow those dreams whilst also being a Mama.  You resign yourself to following your dreams once your kids are grown.  But there is that niggling voice in the back of your mind that whispers do it now.  Start now.  

You start feeling motivated and spend hours planning it all out in your head.  Until the frustration of reality creeps in.

You’re exhausted.  You can’t possibly imagine how you could add anything more into your days. Perhaps you even feel a little bit jealous of your partner who has it so easy.  A little bit resentful even that he can do what he likes, and when.

Yep me too.  Guilty as charged.


I wrote Mothering the Soul to show you another way.  It is the book I needed to read.


It will show you:

– how and why you need to stop putting yourself last

– how to chase your dreams whilst being a Mama

– why you simply must do things for yourself to feel contented in your role as Mama

– how to break through those obstacles that keep popping up (lack of time, money, support).

– how to reconnect with the self if you’re feeling ‘a bit lost’

– how to feel empowered in your role as Mama rather than ‘last on everyone’s list’ (including your own).



“I have to say when I first started reading the book it was like she was reading my mind! I didn’t realise that we as mothers all experienced the same thing even down to the inner monologue that plays along in my mind, all Nina Proudman style, throughout the day. I’d read a paragraph and a thought would pop into my head and then bam in the next paragraph I’m reading exactly what I was thinking. Although I entertained the thought that she may be psychic, I soon realised that hey maybe we’re all going through the same experience, thoughts and emotions; no matter what our lives look like from the outside.”  Toni @findingmyselfyoung



It’s time to stop putting ourselves last.


Are you with me?


Mothering the Soul is a guide to help you find contentment and empowerment in Motherhood through nurturing your body, mind and spirit.



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2 Responses to “Mothering the Soul

  • How can I purchase this for my daughter in law ? She just had me my first grandchild and could use a good read like this. At times she is feeling overwhelmed !

      9 years ago

      Hi Sharon. You just place her email address in when it asks for where you want the ebook delivered. Let me know if you have any problems and I’ll personally send it to her. X

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