Are you comfortable saying ‘no’? + 10 minute yoga for back strength

I’ve realised recently that I’m a TOTAL ‘yes’ man woman. I tend to automatically default to saying yes to (mostly) reasonable requests of me rather than actually thinking about what I really want to do.

Yes – to that small favour for a colleague.

Sure, its no trouble – to going out of my way to pick something up.

Yes I’ll be there – to yet another social event that I don’t really have the energy for.

But for me something is shifting.  I’m more selective with how I spend my time and energy and honestly – it feels bloody good.

I know I’m not alone in being on autopilot for so long… for playing the good girl… for thinking I need to be easy-going and cooperative even when it comes at the cost of my own health, or family time or sanity!

The reality is we don’t need to be everything, for everyone. In many cases saying no is the real gift.

When we start saying now to some stuff we can put more effort into the things we really care about and we don’t go around doing half-assed jobs on everything because we’re stretched too thin.

So today I’d like to challenge you to start saying no to something or someone. It might be something you’ve already committed to, or it might be a new request that comes along.

How do you know what to say ‘no’ to?

If it’s not an immediate YES – your answer is no. It might feel uncomfortable at first but I promise you – you will soon become really good at marking your boundaries and saying no when you need to.

Whilst you’re thinking about how to grow your metaphorical back bone, today’s yoga class will get you stretching and strengthening your actual back muscles. Often a part of us that tends to be in need of our attention after having babies and lugging children around.

It’s the perfect ten minutes to start your day off right. When you’re done, let me know – what do you need to say ‘no’ to?

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