Round 3. Going back for more crazy.

Some exciting news!


SO… it’s official. We’ve lost our minds and have decided that life was not crazy enough with two boys and are adding to the mix with another baby due in early November.


If I’m being honest – the excitement of finding out I was pregnant was also tinged with a bit of ‘holy shit we’ve just outnumbered ourselves. Maybe this was a bad idea’.


I say this not to overshadow the fact that we are incredibly excited and wanting this baby. I think it’s ok to also admit that the good stuff, what you want, also scares the living hell out of you as well. Feeling afraid or apprehensive about something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the wrong thing.


It’s sometimes a sign that it’s exactly the right thing because that fear is often a sign of how much you care. How BIG (and important) this is for you.


Yes I know that next year (actually lets be real – until this baby is 3 really) is going to be the hardest we’ve ever experienced. Yes I know that I probably can’t even comprehend how hard yet. (The parents of 3 are starting to come out of the woodwork now and telling me ALL their stories now – thanks guys!)


But I do know that we’ve coped before and we’ll do it again and maybe most of it will be closing our eyes and holding on for dear life. But if thats what it takes… heres to our next adventure as a family of FIVE!


So tell me… veteran mothers of 3 of more.  Best advice for not completely losing my mind?

3 Responses to “Round 3. Going back for more crazy.

  • Sally Taghaode
    8 years ago

    Hi Bettina. Congratulations on your pregnancy, great news! Hope you’re feeling well. We’re expecting #2 at the end of July…same as you, exciting but nerve racking! One is challenging enough at times. Also just wondering if you still have the pregnancy yoga on your website, I can’t seem to find it!

  • Congratulations on the good news. Hope you will have a good and easy pregnancy, so you are well rested for the “mom of 3” craziness and happiness

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