Room Reveal #7 – The Yoga Studio and Kid’s Playroom

So it’s not a typical ‘room reveal’ in your average house, but it’s one I’m REALLY excited to share with you.  In the last six months we’ve been busily back on the renovating train to fix up downstairs into a space that I can use to teach yoga classes.


Previously we’d not done much to the downstairs areas, other than rip up the feral lino and paint the walls white.  When we first moved in we lived downstairs, but once we’d put the kitchen and bathroom back in upstairs we moved up there and we’ve been renting out downstairs to Andrew’s sister (and more recently to another friend of ours) ever since.


I think part of this renovation was prompted by my devastation at having her move out – it’s somewhat my version of distracting myself enough so that I don’t miss her so badly. (She is on an adventure around the world which I’m so happy she is doing, but she has literally been with us since Eamon was a toddler, so it’s been a big adjustment not having her around – but that’s another soppy blog post for another day.)


Anyway… on with the reveal. Let me know what you think (and scroll to the bottom of this post to check out the other rooms we’ve done).

Yoga Studio Space

yoga studio

yoga studio


Kid’s Playroom


So I’m somewhat cheating with these before photos.  These are the ‘before before’ shots. I had to search the internet for when our house was listed for sale because I’ve somehow managed to lose all of the photos I took when we first moved in.


What we did:


– painted walls white

– ripped up lino

– sanded concrete floors

– put a couple of coats of concrete lacquer on floor



– replaced the wall between the bathroom and main room (it was rotten).

– repainted

– changed lights to down lights with dimmers

– moved internet point to garage (we’re a kid-friendly yoga space so there literally can be nothing at kid-height)

– put doors back on to section off laundry and kitchen/ lounge area

– painted the fireplace

– painted the slate on the fireplace

– glued vinyl planks down onto floors


Phew! When I type it out like that it makes even just these two rooms seem like a massive reno job. Which I know it was of course, but that doesn’t even include all the work we did on the bathroom downstairs (that room reveal is yet to come!)


If you missed the previous reveals, you can check them all out below. (Though some I definitely need to update, as after over two years on some of these rooms look verrrrryy different).


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