‘Room’ reveal #6 – the office nook

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The word ‘room’ in this reveal is a bit strong.  My office really is just a corner of what is our kitchen/ dining/outdoor area.  We removed the arch and wall to open up this space when we first bought the house and gutted the entire thing. (check out the dining / outdoor reveal to see what I mean).

Having a desk right in the middle of our living space actually works better for me at the minute. It means I can occasionally sit down for five minutes and do a bit of writing or editing while the boys play (and before they realise I’m missing*), that I wouldn’t do otherwise.  Whilst sitting down for uninterrupted breaks would be ideal, it’s just not going to happen anytime soon, so I’m resigned to catching minutes where and when I can.
*As an aside why is it only me they notice when I duck out? Andrew can go lay on the bed for an hour and they won’t blink, but if I were to try the same they would be onto me in five minutes or less.  What is with that?

Anyway back to the office.  Room wise it’s the same as the other reveals – we painted walls, stripped disgusting Lino off floors, sanded yellow tongue underneath to remove smell, painted the floor to seal in anything residual (we weren’t taking ANY chances!) and then laid bamboo flooring.  We also replaced the original fluoros with down lights.

I bought the trestle table from this great little recycled furniture shop at Coolum called Moss.  The side table and little set of drawers are from Kmart and the pen holder are from ikea.

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