Room Reveal #5 – The pool!



So whilst technically not a ‘room reveal’ today, I wanted to keep all these posts together, and the pool is the latest part of our renovation to be completed… just in time for winter!


When I look back at these photos of the pool and backyard I honestly have to shake my head.  Sure, it looks amazing now, but really, what were we thinking when we bought this place over a year ago?


When we signed the contract for this place we literally had to agree to the fact that we were buying a ‘pond’ not a pool.  I’m not even kidding. I wish I was.


In many ways these photos of the pool probably look much more impressive than many of the other rooms I’ve revealed, simply because you can’t smell how bad the rooms were and that really was the worst part.  We originally intended to fill the whole thing in, thinking the shell would most likely be cracked from the roots of the fig tree that was planted beside it.  But amazingly the roots had grown around the pool and although it was still a HUGE job, the pool could be saved.  (We have since said many times that we wished we’d just filled it though – for all the dramas it has brought in the process of fixing it!)




And when I say ‘we’ I really mean Andrew, our Dad’s, a few extra friends we roped in to help and a couple of tradies (when they actually showed up).  My contribution to fixing the pool up has really only consisted of moving all the pavers way back when we first started and since then, feeding the troops.


What ‘we’ did.

– Removed the moss that was 1m thick in the bottom of the pool

– Cut down fig tree.

– Removed palms {which then allowed the exterior fence to be ripped down and a new rendered brick and mod wood put up in its place – but that’s another story for another day}

– Moved all pavers

– Removed stumps of three fig trees and dug out roots.

– Removed the ugliest rocks you’ve ever seen that were stuck ‘decoratively’ to the side.

– Acid washed pool

– Replaced pipes

– Repaired power lines for pump

– Repaired section where the rocks were removed.

– Tiled around pool

– Put concrete slab in around pool.

– Repaired pebble crete around top of the pool.

– Put up pool fence




Now all we need to do is grow some lawn and we’ll be set for summer!


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  • The renewed pool looks beautiful. I now wish we had one (and a climate that would accommodate being outside in bathing suit).

      8 years ago

      Thanks Nette. Yes it’s not really much good when it’s too cold to get in!

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