Room Reveal #4 – Dining and outdoor area

Today’s room reveal is of my favourite area of the whole house; the dining and outdoor area.  This was one of the more complicated changes we made to the house, as we knocked out walls and had to replace structural beams.  And by ‘we’, I mean of course Andrew and all his band of merry helpers.  


We spend most of our time in this outdoor area, except for when it rains as it comes in horizontally and hits the bifold doors.  (One of the only downsides of living so close to the coastline.)

dining original

dining room

deck 2

deck renovation


dining2 dining3


What we did:

– all the steps from the other rooms (see previous posts)

– removed wall between dining and outdoor area. This involved putting a new support beam in to replace it which meant we needed an engineer and builder to help.

– had bifold doors installed

– removed old timber railings and replaced with coated aluminium and glass

– removed timber decking and reinforced the flooring giving it a slight slope (to help rain run off).

– laid tile underlay and tiles

– closed off door to the bedroom and re-sheeted wall.

– painted outdoor area (happy to inform we FINALLY found ourselves some good painters!)


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