Room Reveal #3 – Kid’s Bedroom

kids bedroom 4_fotor

We’re up to room reveal number 3 today.  The kid’s bedroom.  Currently it only has Eamon in it, but once Rory is out of the cot, it is big enough for the two of them to share.


I clearly didn’t do a very good job photographing this room before we started renovations.  The wall opposite the cupboards (the one with all the triangles in the after photo) was actually originally a sliding door to our deck.  But we decided to close it in because we already have our lounge, dining and kitchen opening to the deck.


You’ll notice that we have no doors on our built in cupboards, nor any hanging rail (but who hangs kids clothes anyway!).  Just those few small jobs that will probably forever be on our list.  But whilst we have more important things (like a having a functioning bathroom vanity and laundry)  they get pushed to the bottom of the pile.


Oh and the curtain rods that magically go around the bay window.  (someone asked about these in the last post). I’m not sure if you can actually buy ready made versions, but we just used hanging rail from Bunnings and Andrew bent it to fit the windows.  I’d like to say it was my ingenious design skills but no, more like my lazy-ass measuring.  I bought curtains that were too short to sit above the window!

Kids room original
Kids room original2
kids bedroom 2 kids bedroom 3 kids bedroom 4 Kids bedroom


What we did:

– ripped up carpets and curtains (that happened day 1 because they were so smelly!)

– sprayed ‘urine off’ on all the marks on the floor

– sanded the yellow tongue flooring to remove stains and replaced the worst bits (yep that’s me doing it above with the mask that looks like I’m going in to fight a deadly plague.  It was that bad.)

– removed mouldings around walls and scraped off wall paper

– cleaned 20+ years of animal grime from windows and replaced all rollers

– installed new security screens on windows

– fixed holes in walls

– painted everything white (You may remember the saga here where we paid someone, they did a shocking job and we ended up having to re-do it anyway. You live and you learn. But let’s not talk about it, okay.)

– laid bamboo flooring

– replaced skirting

– replaced lights

– replaced powerpoints and switches

– new curtains and rods

– added removable wall stickers!


*And yes the room only stayed this neat for the next hour before Eamon got home.  Though I am keeping it real with the crinkled bed (ain’t nobody ironing beds like on #theblock) and messy cupboard. If only we had doors to cover that mess…

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  • Sally Taghaode
    9 years ago

    Love the blog Bettina. Also congrats on the birth of Rory, he is gorgeous 🙂

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