Room Reveal #2- Main Bedroom

Main bedroom3_fotor

I had intended to roll these room reveals out weekly, in ‘The Block’ fashion.  But in yet another way that show is so far from reality, life got in the way and things just didn’t get done.  It’s been well over a month since the first room reveal of the living room (which you can see here if you missed it.)


Today it’s our main bedroom.  I’m kind of cheating with this reveal because I’m not showing you the walk-in-robe which really is a part of this room.  But let’s be real.  It’s one of the few storage spots that’s usable so it’s a total dive.  And I like to pretend I live in a tidy house with clean floors and everything in its place. (Which is why you get one room at a time, weeks apart. It takes me that long to get a room clean and keep it that way for longer than five minutes whilst I photograph it without a small boy needing something and/or messing it up.)


Without more pointless rambling from me… here are the before and afters.

Original Main

Main original 2

Note how manky the carpet is in the pic above.  Just be thankful there is no smell-o-meter. And below is looking towards the walk-in and ensuite which will be revealed later (read – many many years from now when it actually gets finished.)

Main original
MainMain bedroom3

Main : Nursery
Main bedroom


What we did:

– ripped up carpets and curtains (that happened day 1 because they were so smelly!)

– sprayed ‘urine off’ on all the marks on the floor

– sanded the yellow tongue flooring to remove stains and replaced the worst bits

– scraped off wallpaper

– cleaned 20+ years of animal grime from windows and replaced all rollers

– installed new security screens on windows

– fixed holes in walls

– painted everything white (You may remember the saga here where we paid someone, they did a shocking job and we ended up having to re-do it anyway. You live and you learn. But let’s not talk about it, okay.)

– laid bamboo flooring

– replaced skirting

– replaced lights and added ceiling fan

– replaced powerpoints and switches

– new curtains and rods


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7 Responses to “Room Reveal #2- Main Bedroom

  • It looks great! We have the same doona cover and Darcy has the same cot sheet 🙂

  • Would love to know where you got the curtain rods from, we have a bay window and didn’t know you could get rods with curves? Place looks amazing!

      9 years ago

      I don’t know that you can. We use hanging rail (for built in cupboards) which we got from bunnings and Andrew bent them into shape. It was a solution to the fact that I bought curtains that were too short to go above the bay at the front. But I like this better cause you don’t lose the space in the window.

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