Yoga for Pregnancy Anxiety

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Whether you’ve lost a baby, have gone through IVF or had a really long hard road to this pregnancy; anxiety can make your pregnancy feel like something to endure, rather than enjoy.  In this yoga series I introduce you to practices and tools to help you keep your anxiety at bay so that you can actually enjoy your pregnancy.

What’s included?

3 yoga classes to help you to slow down, connect with your baby and trust that your body is capable and strong and is growing a healthy baby.

3 meditations to help you to calm your nervous system, release your fears and connect with feelings of gratitude towards your body.

A ebook to bring all of the practices together, help you unravel your anxiety through self-reflection and give you an idea of what to practice and when.



Pregnancy anxiety can be crippling. It can feel like you are literally holding your breath waiting for something to go wrong. But at the same time, you’re fighting yourself not to think that in case you make it happen.

When I fell pregnant after three consecutive losses I had to do a lot of work to keep my anxiety at bay.  Yoga, meditation, breath work and other weekly practices became my saving grace.

In this program I share the tools and practices I used to manage pregnancy anxiety so that I could actually enjoy pregnancy. It’s such a precious time and I knew that I didn’t want to wish it away. I don’t want you to have to either.

Whether you’ve lost a baby or babies, whether you’ve gone through IVF or maybe it’s just taken you a really long hard road to get here, this program will help you to connect in with your baby and help you to actually enjoy your pregnancy, rather than just feeling like you have to survive it.

What’s included in this Yoga for Pregnancy Anxiety Series?

3 Yoga Classes

1. Connection – This first class in our pregnancy yoga for anxiety series is designed for the first trimester, however can be practiced at any stage as it’s nice and gentle. In this class we focus on connecting with our baby and trusting in our bodies ability to grow a healthy baby. (32 minutes)

2. Strength – In this class we’ll work towards knowing and owning how strong we really are. We’ll use our practice to tap into the strength of the physical body as well as our heart and mind. I hope that you finish this class feeling like you can face whatever life has in store for you. (23 minutes)

3. Trust – In our final class together we’ll start visualising what birth might look like and how to manage your fears going into birth. When you’re struggling with pregnancy anxiety, birth can be a BIG trigger point. But we need to manage our fear and emotions around birth as this is a big part of managing the pain of birth. In this class we’ll take the time to analyse how we feel about birth and use practices to manage the anxiety it may bring up. (21 minutes)

3 Meditations

1.Release your Fears – Our fears and anxieties don’t always make sense, but that doesn’t mean they don’t cause a big impact on how we live our lives. In this meditation we’ll first examine our fears and then work to release them.

2.Visualise and Connect – In this guided meditation we will visualise your baby to help you connect in with them which can be difficult when you’re experiencing anxiety around your pregnancy, or if you’ve lost a baby previously. You can preview this meditation here.

3.Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy Anxiety – Yoga nidra is a meditation that works to guide you into deep places within your subconscious. In this specifically designed yoga nidra for pregnancy anxiety we’ll use a sankalpa or affirmation whilst in this state to help relieve anxious thoughts.


Pregnancy Yoga for Anxiety Ebook

The ebook that accompanies this yoga series helps to pull all of the practices I share together. In this book you’ll find written activities to help you unravel your anxiety (understanding your own triggers and how to soothe them is the best thing you’ll learn about yourself).  You’ll also find other practices and tools that I found helpful to manage my anxiety and to actually enjoy my pregnancy.


Who is the Yoga for Pregnancy Anxiety Series for?

This series has been designed for anyone who is feeling stressed or anxious during pregnancy.  Whether you’ve lost a baby (or babies), have gone through IVF or have just had a really long hard road to get to your pregnancy.


Is it suitable for all trimesters?

Yes! I know that anxiety during the first trimester can often be the worst so I’ve made this series suitable right from birth. The ebook will go into more detail about which practices you should do in which trimesters.

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  1. Kristen

    I just wanted to say thank you. Your book and yoga videos have provided the much needed support I’ve been looking for. My husband and I lost two babies last year and I just found out I am pregnant again. I am thrilled and scared at the same time. It feels like an answer to our prayers so we are trying to stay hopeful and in the moment. Your videos definitely help me to try and do that.

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