Presence – grow your online business; as you grow your family


What is Presence?

Presence is a 6 week online course that will step you through how to turn your passion and knowledge into an online business. Start anytime and work through at your own pace.

This course is for you if you:

  • want to grow an online business that gives you the financial freedom to choose how and when you work.
  • have an in-person practice or service that you want to make passive income from. Eg. yoga teaching, naturopathy, fertility coaching, counselling, personal trainer, herbalist, etc.
  • want to build a content based business (I.E. offer yoga classes online, sell ebooks, start a podcast, create an online course, etc.)
  • have limited time each week to devote to building your business (I’ve grown mine in 10 hours or less each week). 
  • want to grow REAL connections with your audience and aren’t interested in “marketing tricks”


What’s included?

  • 6 self-paced modules with video lessons and action steps to get you creating from Day 1.
  • Private Facebook community to ask questions and share your work for individualised feedback.
  • Printable ebook with all the resources and reflection tasks (makes it easy to do the work wherever works best for you!)
  • 1:1 mentoring session with Bettina (Ask the questions you need, work through mindset blocks with me and make a plan to move your business forward).
  • Listen to all previous business mentoring sessions organised by theme. These sessions are SO valuable to learn through listening to other women just like you navigating their business and blocks.



Module 1 : VISION – Connect with YOUR why to build your vision and motivation.

Module 2 : DESIGN – What is a content-based business and how to make it work alongside a young family. 

Module 3 : SHARE – How to share your work, connect with your audience and grow your following.

Module 4 : RECEIVE – Change your money mindset and how to actually receive money online. 

Module 5 : PLAN – Design your offerings to attract your ideal clients.

Module 6 : CREATE – Put everything you’ve learned into action as you create and reflect on your first online offering.



The freedom that my online business gives me is something I don’t take for granted. Every day I thank the past version of me for being brave enough to get started when I wasn’t sure what the heck I was doing. I thank her for creating a business that now allows me to choose how and when I work.


I want this for you too.


I want you to be able to take the maternity leave you need, while your business runs along in the background (and continues to pay you well).


I want you to be able to do school pick up and drop off, and take the days off that you need without worrying about taking time off from work.


I want you to be able to work when it suits you – during nap time, in the pockets of time between toddler activities, on the sidelines of kids sporting events or during school hours.


I also want you to be able to take the rest that you need and to prioritise your health (like you most likely tell your clients to do).


I want you to experience the magic of making money in your sleep.


Before we get started though, you need to know…


I don’t have a “6 figure formula” to sell you and I’m not going to tell you you’ll make this overnight. You won’t. That’s a bullshit lie that internet marketers use to sell you their coaching courses. I’m not a business coach teaching you how to grow a business that will teach other people how to grow a business. Our world doesn’t need more of that.


But we do need YOU the healer, the teacher, the intuitive, women with heart who have wisdom to share to help more people by using the magic of the internet.


I’ve grown an online yoga business that is based around helping women actually enjoy their journey of becoming and being a mother and I will continue to do this as I guide you to start your own business. 


I don’t believe business is one-size-fits-all, or that you should even be aiming to ‘go viral’.


I believe business is about growth. Financially, yes. But also emotionally, physically and spiritually. My business has grown me, as much as I have grown it.


To me, business is personal.


I don’t believe that you need to burn yourself out to succeed.  And I definitely don’t want you to miss the fleeting years when your babes are little, because you were too busy trying to keep up with some algorithm that doesn’t give a shit about you.


I also know the feeling of having a tiny baby in my arms, and still wanting more. I know the conflict of dreaming of days where you can devote to your work, while also feeling like you don’t want to miss a moment of this.


As mothers, our lives are seasonal. If you want to grow a thriving business alongside family life, your capacity for work will ebb and flow depending on the season.


My business has continued to grow through the heavy days of late pregnancy and through the sleepless nights of newborn life. It has supported me passively through periods of loss, when grief took hold and I could barely function, let alone work.


Today it thrives alongside my busy, messy, wonderful life with three non-stop boys, and I couldn’t be more grateful.


I wake up with my youngest’s arms tangled around my neck and as I check my email to see the money that has come in overnight – I send a silent “thank you” to the women who choose to invest in my work as I sleep.


I’ve grown a business that makes way more than I ever could teaching in person, and I’ve only ever worked around ten hours per week.


This is because I have intentionally created my business to support the life that I want to live, not the other way around. 


During our 6 weeks together I’ll guide you through step by step from idea to planning, creating and selling your very first online offer. We’ll workshop how to continue to build momentum and growth and you’ll finish with a clear plan for how to continue to grow after our time together.


We’ll also dive into the mindset and growth required to build an online business (yes it is going to drag up all your insecurities but don’t worry – we’ll work through that together.) We’ll talk about the practicalities of what platforms to use, what type of content to share and the technical gear you’ll need to make it happen.


If you’re ready to share the work you already do but on a larger scale, to be able to reach your audience across oceans and to start building a passive form of income that doesn’t rely solely on your time  – then I can’t wait to work with you.



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