First trimester pregnancy yoga for bedtime


Series includes:

Class 1 – stretch out hips and hamstrings (22 minutes) This class is available to trial on my YouTube Channel.

A class designed to help ease leg aches and pains, especially important as your belly grows.

Class 2 – yin yoga (26 minutes)

Yin yoga is designed to help you to rest and restore your body. Great for those feeling extreme lethargy in the first trimester.

Class 3 – yoga nidra (15 minutes)

Yoga nidra is the yoga of sleep. Try this meditation to help you relax and connect with your baby just before sleep.




First trimester pregnancy yoga has 3 main goals.

  1. Ease body aches and pains as your body (and baby) rapidly grow. In these classes we gently stretch the body while being mindful of modifications needed for pregnancy.
  2. Support rest and deep sleep when you need it the most.
  3. Help you to connect with your baby at a time when it can be most challenging to do so. During the first trimester of pregnancy it can be hard to feel like this pregnancy is real, especially as you can’t feel baby yet and your belly isn’t pronounced yet.


Are you concerned it is not safe to practice yoga during the first trimester? Read this post first. 


FAQs about First Trimester Pregnancy Yoga Series

How do I change my yoga practise for pregnancy?

This post will give you more information about the pregnancy safe guidelines.

  1. No compression on the belly
  2. Avoid lying on the back for long periods of time
  3. Avoid strong abdominal exercises
  4. Avoid strong backbends
  5. No closed / deep twists
  6. Avoid active inversions
  7. Avoid holding poses for too long
  8. Be aware of over-exerting/ over-heating
  9. Move slowly
  10. Don’t overstretch

Rest assured that this first trimester pregnancy yoga series won’t ask you to do anything that is not safe for pregnancy.


Is this series available in your Online Yoga Circle membership? 

Yes! All my premium series are available for individual purchase or you access them in my members area. 


Can I access these classes whenever I want?

Yes, once you purchase you have unlimited access to them.



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