Pregnancy yoga for round ligament pain

Round ligament pain is a common pregnancy complaint. It’s often felt as a sharp shooting pain in the lower belly and groin.

This discomfort is caused by the ligaments stretching as the uterus expands. While it’s usually nothing to worry about, if you’re unsure about abdomen pain you should go and see your doctor first, rather than diagnosing yourself with Dr Google.

round ligament pain

How to relieve round ligament pain?

Gently stretch

While it might sound counterintuitive, as the pain is caused by stretching, gently stretching your body regularly can help to relieve the sharp shooting pain.


Consciously relaxing the lower belly can also help to relieve this pain during pregnancy. Place a heat pack on the lower belly as you breathe deeply and visualise this part of your body relaxing.


Yoga can help you to both relax and gently stretch the body, both of which can help ease this type of pain.

I’ve created this pregnancy yoga class specifically for round ligament pain and is suitable for all trimesters.


How often should you practice the class?

I recommend practicing this class as often as you can. With round ligament pain you want to stretch slowly but regularly to help the body adjust to the expanding uterus. Every day or every other day is ideal.

Can I do this class if I have SPD or SI pain as well?

Some of the poses in this class can make pelvic instability worse. If you’re experiencing pain from pelvic instability, I recommend practicing this class instead.

If you’re brand new to pregnancy yoga, start by downloading my free pregnancy yoga guide here.

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