How to practice yoga whilst pretending to play lego.


I wish I had time to practice yoga solo and uninterrupted. For hour long practices without children jumping on my head or climbing on my back.

But that is not my reality at the minute. And spending my time wishing it was and feeling frustrated by it is not really very yoga-like is it?

So what do I do instead?

I get on the floor with them to play lego and add in yoga when they’re not looking.  I forward fold while helping them tie their shoes.  I focus on my breath at bedtime when little people are resisting.  I practice handstand in the backyard while they ride bikes.  I lie in pigeon while I read them a story.  I pretend I’m at a yoga retreat when they want to play doctor and bandage my eyes…

You get the idea.

Today’s yoga class is mostly on the floor so I hope it gives you some ideas for practicing while pretending to play lego with your kids.  (Don’t tell me it’s just me!)

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