Number 1 thing you need to do to improve fertility?

improve fertility


I get asked all the time what I believe is the number 1 thing you need to do to improve fertility.


I understand why we ask this question.  If only we could find THE SECRET to fixing our infertility issues. If only there was one thing that mattered most about all others.


Unfortunately though, I now look at fertility like a big individual jigsaw puzzle and you have to work out how to get all the pieces to come together for you.


But that being said… there is ONE THING that I believe plays a huge role in fertility and one that I don’t know we’re very good at addressing.


Check out the video below for my thoughts on this… (or read on.)


Number 1 thing you need to do to improve fertility?


Come down from STRESS.


First from our lives in general (blurred lines between work/life, always being on, thinking everything is urgent)

Then from our environment (toxins in the home and on our food).

Also from what we put in our bodies (high sugar, caffeine, minimal nutrients).

(I’ve added another video below that you might be interested in if you want to know more about the different types of stress)


And then you add on top of that having difficulty conceiving or carrying a healthy baby and you have a recipe for HIGH STRESS.


But how do we come down from it?  That’s the question isn’t it?


I feel like everyone (annoying) says, you just need to stop stressing about it and it will happen for you.


Yes, thank you. Great advice… but… HOW?


How do you come down from stress when trying to conceive?


For me, it was a combination of naturopathy, acupuncture and yoga (to bring my physical body down from stress).

Journalling and counselling (to start understanding myself and my anxiety better).

And taking a break from trying (to refocus on living and being happy in ALL areas of my life).


I’d love know… how are you dealing with the major stressors in your life?


When we first started trying to conceive and came up against some difficulty, I pretty much tried everything. And googled everything and drove myself a whole lot crazy wondering what the hell was wrong with me.  Eventually I came to realise that so much of my problem was down to stress and anxiety, and that my obsession with trying to conceive was only making it 1000 times worse.


Everyone just says ‘relaaaaxxxx and it will happen’ but how do you do that when a baby is something you want to badly?  While it’s infuriating to hear this advice (and not helpful at all), I did end up finding a way to come down from the stress and anxiety of it all with yoga, meditation, visualisation and a whole lot of self-care.  Not long after that, I fell pregnant.  I can’t of course guarantee that this will make you pregnant, I can tell you it makes to road to getting there a whole lot more enjoyable.


If you’d like to know more about what I did, I share it all over in my Fertility Yoga Course. You can check it out over here.


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