Confession – I’ve had no motivation for yoga or any sort of exercise at all this pregnancy

no motivation for yoga


So I’m pretty sure as a yoga teacher and as someone who has an online business built around moving your body that this is not something you’re meant to admit.  But what the hell – I’m all for complete honesty.


I’ve had no motivation for yoga or any sort of exercise at all this pregnancy.


Zip. Zero. Nada.


Usually I practice some sort of yoga every day. Whether that be a quick ten minute stretch out, a short meditation before bed, or a full hour long class.


Lately though… nothing. 


For a while there I was blaming my low blood pressure because yoga really isn’t all that enjoyable when you have to stop every five seconds for a head spin. But really, that was just an excuse – there is lots I could be doing that doesn’t involve any standing at all.


I’ve tried not to feel guilty about the fact that I’ve not really been practicing what I preach.


I know how good yoga is when you’re pregnant.


I know how much it helps you prepare for birth and yet I can barely manage to muster up the energy to do a quick stretch out before bed.


So while I’ve been trying to honour my body’s desire to rest more when pregnant, I had to admit to myself the other day that I really did need to prioritise moving more to help me stop feeling so… well… crappy. 


I feel heavier and more awkward than I did when I was pregnant with Rory and practicing regularly.


I know my digestion isn’t as good when I’m not moving very much. (I’m sure I don’t need to go into the lovely details there.)


And my brain feels overly scattered and distracted. (Even more so than your regular baby-brain fog)


This became really obvious last Sunday when I woke up and I already felt snappy and grumpy at the kids.  I’d slept well. They weren’t doing anything out of the ordinary. I just felt … over it. Like it was all too much and I couldn’t do it anymore. 


I then dropped washing powder all over my laundry floor and bawled hysterically. Like whole body someone-close-to-you-has-just-died sobs. Poor Andrew came down to see what was wrong, thinking it was something major, only to find his perfectly uninjured wife crying over a pile of powder on the floor.


So yeah… I could no longer deny that my mind and emotions probably needed more yoga too.


I literally had to drag myself to my mat. My mind argued every step of the way.


“But you’re too tired. You’ll just fall asleep anyway. What’s the point?”

“Maybe you should do it this afternoon instead?”

“The kitchen is a total bomb. Why don’t you go clean that up first – you’ll feel better.”


I told myself I’d do just 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes.


I ended up doing the full hour and of course felt a bazillion times better.


Why do I always forget this? I know what makes me feel good (and what doesn’t.) I know what I need to do to when I’m feeling over it all and yet still I resist.


It’s funny isn’t it – how sometimes we avoid the very thing that (subconsciously) know we need.


Why am I sharing with you that I’ve had no motivation for yoga or any sort of exercise at all this pregnancy?


I don’t want you to think that it’s easy for me all the time.

I don’t want you to think that you’re not doing it right if sometimes you have to drag your sorry ass to the mat.

I don’t want you to think that you’re the only one fighting the mental battle for motivation.

I don’t want you to think that looking after yourself is always about doing things that look and feel as amazing and joyful as they appear on instagram.


Because sometimes looking after yourself is about giving yourself a stern talking to and choosing to do something even when you really don’t feel like it.


Sometimes you have to call yourself on your own excuses and the stories you make up about why you can’t.


So maybe you’re feeling a little like I was too?


Overly emotional.


Sore and stiff.


Unable to turn your brain off.


Maybe you need to make yourself take ten minutes on your mat too? It’s almost like a self-imposed adult time-out.


I’m betting you’ll feel a whole lot better afterwards. Let me know how you go.

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