My goals for 2017 and a New Years letting go ritual

New Years letting go ritual


When I first sat down to write this post, I started by looking back in my archives for what I wrote down last year.


I found my reflection post where I looked back on what we did in 2015. I also found a post where I shared my planner I made for myself last year, and I expected to find a post on the goals I set for 2016… but NOTHING.


I definitely know I made them but obviously never shared them publicly, which makes me wonder how I much more I would have achieved if I’d had accountability kicking my ass.


2016 Reflection


To reflect on 2016 I worked through this little booklet I created. You can download a copy for free here if you’d like to do the same. 


I also dug out my old journal and found these gems that I mapped out on January 1, 2016.


Life / Family / Health


+ detox social media

Well there’s a fine example of an incredibly vague goal – isn’t it?! I’ve definitely done better this year, but still room for improvement. I’m been more aware at least.  I’ve gone through times where I’ve deleted it all off my phone entirely and then I get frustrated and put it back on. I ‘need’ it because I get yoga class covers via our Facebook group so it’s handy to have it because they pop up and disappear quickly. And I like being about to have conversations with you guys but it sucks when I get stuck in the forever scrolling time-warp where I’m not even reading anything. 


+ meditate more

Apparently I was the queen of vague goals last year. I definitely spent more time in meditation this year but I don’t know if I can claim it as intentionally doing so. More like the events of this year means I needed to rely on it more, so I did.


+ read 52 books (1 per week)

One of the few goals I actually announced publicly and although I only made it to May blogging about them (because life happened), I would have read pretty close to 52 books this year.  And by read – I also counted audiobooks. 


+ ‘stick’ handstand 

Quite the random goal, I know. But it is something very challenging physically (for me), out of my comfort zone and gave me a bit of a focus for my yoga practice. It has meant this year I’ve been working on core, upper body strength, getting over the fear of it, believing in myself, and working on a ‘lightness’ in my practice that I haven’t had before. Given the ‘challenges’ and changes my body has been through this year, including the 26 weeks of pregnancies that I didn’t practice, the fact that I have more control and can now hold handstand for a few seconds consistently makes this one a big fat CHECK.


Business / Blog / Work


+ weekly yoga videos – build free videos and studio

CHECK! In 2016 I put out weekly videos to the studio and fortnightly free ones.


+ create better systems – batching, planning, etc

CHECK! I now batch my videos (ie. film four or five in one go), I usually have a whole month planned out of what I’m going to create as well (with the exception of the last month, but life happened (i.e. shit happened) so I’m forgiven. I’ve also gotten heaps better at keeping all of the random links I use all the time in one place so I don’t spend years looking for them each time I sit down to write.  


+ create babywearing yoga course

BOM BOM. Fail. Not sure I even want to create this anymore?  Maybe one day?


+ pregnancy yoga course/ book

CHECK! (kinda)  I created my free ultimate guide to yoga for pregnancy and birth and I have loads more pregnancy yoga classes now in the studio. 


+ build online studio to over 50 classes

CHECK! Current count 87!


+ write over 100 blog posts

I went close! 97! Although I definitely did a couple of guest posts so maybe we could say this is target met?!


+ send 52 emails (1 per week)

I know I definitely didn’t manage an email per week, but I did do pretty well – fortnightly at least.


+ start women’s circles

Possibly the smartest decision I’ve ever made personally and professionally.  These circles give me more back than I could ever explain and everyone who comes thanks ME for making them.


In 2017 I will…

(oooof this feels a little bit scary.  Perhaps why I’ve always avoided it in the past?  Hold me accountable, but be gentle, hey?)


So… version one of this post had quite the list of things I want to do / feel / be this year. Some of them very large, some of them inanely small, but all important to me.


Until I realised, I really just want to share the big scary one with you. Mostly so, once I put it out there, I can’t take it back. I can’t chicken out and think it’s bigger than me. I can’t doubt I can do it. I can’t overthink it.


So here goes…


I think I want to write a book.  And not your ebook variety either. Like a real, hold in your hands, 50 000 or so words whopper.


Phew! (I think I feel better.)


Let’s get 2017 started, hey?!


I’d love hear what goals you’ve made for 2017, or maybe just your hopes for the new year.


And before I go… you might like to think about creating a little ritual for yourself to let go of the old year. (I’ve pulled this from my little reflection and planning booklet,  you can get yours free here if you like.)


New Years Letting Go Ritual


There is no ‘right’ way to release the old year and welcome in the new.  Your ritual should be as unique as you are.


I’ve included a whole bunch of ideas here; but feel free to pick and choose what is meaningful to you.  A ‘ritual buffet’ if you like!


+ spend the week leading up to the New Year decluttering and cleansing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Eg. – clear out each room; donate what is no longer used, throw out and organise the rest

– spend time journalling, meditating, resting,

– move your body in a way that shakes out those negative emotions

– spend time connecting with spirit (prayer, meditation, nature, etc)


+ organise candles, crystals or other meaningful objects in a space that will remind you of the intentions you set for the year.


+ burn sage or your favourite oils or incense


+ crank your favourite tunes


+ recite (to someone or no one) what you want to release and bring in.)

Eg. “I let go of all that has happened to me in 2016”

“I release the emotions of 2016, knowing that I no longer need to hold onto them as I

take the lessons with me.”

“I am open to all the possibilities that 2017 holds and I am ready to receive with an

open heart.”


+ listen to my guided meditation for releasing the past (you can find this in my online studio)


+ tell (or write to) all of the people you are grateful for this year.


+ take 1/2 day alone (solo Mama retreat!) or with your partner to reflect and plan the following year


+ draw oracle cards to reflect on the year you’ve had


+ visit a healer of some sort (reiki, massage, kinesiology, psychic, naturopath, nutritionist, counsellor, etc. Start the year the way you intend it it go.

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