Motherhood; feeling it.



It’s so full of conflicting emotions isn’t it?

One minute, pride; the next, absolute frustration; a moment later, guilt.  Soon to be followed by fear, anguish, amazement.  All with an undercurrent of overwhelming love.

Some days it all feels too much whilst others flow so smoothly you wonder why you ever doubted yourself.


For some Mama’s it all seems to come so naturally (or so it appears), whilst the rest of us have to feel our way into it.

It’s taken me a long time to learn that there really is nothing more that needs to be done with the whole range of emotions other than to simply feel them.


The frustration doesn’t need to be acted upon.
The fear isn’t always a sign of doom.
And the guilt certainly doesn’t mean I’m doing any part of it wrong.


They are what they are, and yet they don’t need to control our days.


Mother’s day can be an emotional one for many of us. We notice how fleeting time really is when we measure it in the growth of small children.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mama’s out there. I hope your day is filled with gratitude and perhaps even a rare moment to yourself.  Hug your babies tight and let yourself feel it.  And for those whose arms are missing a babe or more our collective Mama hearts break with yours. x


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