Mistakes I made in postnatal recovery

postnatal recovery

A couple of weeks ago I shared how at 3 months postpartum I was feeling good and ready to get back into some higher intensity exercise.


I really should have known better.


While I am definitely getting stronger day by day, I should have known that my pelvic floor and core really weren’t up to the challenge of anything that involved running or jumping.


Big mistake.


After a couple of days of stronger exercise (nothing too crazy but more than what I had been doing), my pelvis literally felt like it was falling apart. If I stepped awkwardly or tried to pick Luca up without thinking there would be a searing pain across my lower back.


Uh oh.


I ended up at the chiro (hoping she could just adjust some sort of misalignment and send me on my way).


Again, I should have known better.


Long story short? I’m back at square one.


+ Paying attention to strengthening my pelvic floor and core DAILY.

+ Gentle exercise to slowly strengthen those smaller internal muscles.

+ Practicing patience when more than anything I’d rather get back out there and MOVE!


I’m sharing more about this in today’s video. It’s for you if you’re also early postpartum or perhaps never took the time to recover pelvic floor and core properly. I’m talking about where we really need to start and going on a little bit of a rant about how we get the message that to get out ‘body back’ we need to jump into activities like hiit or bootcamp style classes.


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