Maternity dress tutorial and free pattern

Maternity Dress Tutorial

This maternity dress is simpler than it looks. I’ve lined the bodice, but only because I’m not the greatest at sewing facings and I often can’t get it to sit right which drives me mental.  The bottom piece is literally just a piece of stretch fabric that I held around my  waist, cut and sewed to the bodice. I didn’t even bother hemming the bottom (stretch fabric doesn’t fray).


Step 1.  Download the bodice pattern (Size 6-12). I made the size 12 (which at 36 weeks is still a little bit big for me- clearly I thought I was going to get HUGE!) but if you need larger you could always add an extra cm in the same pattern as what you can already see. Make sure the scale prints accurately, otherwise your sizing will be off. (you will need to adjust your printer settings if it doesn’t measure up).

Step 2.

Cut out pattern in your size and stick together using the rectangles and columns/ rows to guide you.

Step 3.

Pin and cut 2 bodice backs from main fabric.

Pin and cut 1 bodice front on fold of main fabric. (Mark darts)

Pin and cut 2 bodice backs from lining fabric (I just used the same).

Pin and cut 1 bodice front on fold of lining fabric. (Mark darts)


Step 4.

Sew the darts into both bodice fronts (lining and main fabric).


Step 5.

With right sides together sew the bodice front and backs together at sides for main fabric.

Repeat for lining.


Step 6.

Pin bodice lining and main fabric together with right sides together. Sew all the way around leaving the tops of the shoulders open, as well as a small gap in the bottom to turn the bodice the right way out.

sew around outside

Step 7.

Turn the bodice the right way out. Fold under and iron 1cm at both shoulders.  Insert back shoulders into front and stitch.

Maternity Dress

Step 8.
Stitch closed the hole at the bottom. (This can be done by either top stitching all the way around or by hand stitching.)

Step 9.

Sew zipper onto back of bodice.

Maternity dress pattern

Step 10.

Try on bodice and wrap a piece of stretchy fabric around where the bottom of the bodice falls. Add an extra 10cm to allow for gathering.

Step 11.

Pin your skirt piece to bodice, gathering as you go.  Sew.

Step 12.

Try on your dress and mark where you would like the hem to sit.

Step 13.

Cut hem, remember that it is likely that the front will be longer to account for your bump.

The fact that the hem is so simple means it is very easy to adjust the hemline once bub arrives, meaning this dress will also work after pregnancy as well. I cut mine long because I was wearing it to work, but have now hacked a bit more off ’cause it’s so HOT!

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  • I was not able to see the pattern for the maternity dress. Is it available?

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