Making wrapping paper with a baby

Today we’re making wrapping paper with the baby, (because that’s a totally normal and painless thing to do… right?!)


What you need:


– non-toxic easily washable watercolour paints (because baby will eat copius amounts)
– large sheets of paper (I found mine at Riot Art and Craft)
– clothes for you that you might throw out once your done
– plastic plates
– patience (because baby will try to rip paper, eat paper, eat paint, crawl into dirt, eat dirt, etc.)


I suggest doing this outside because it gets MESSY. Fun, but messy. I think Andrew’s exact words were “this is a bloody joke, isn’t it?” He left shortly after to do something important.


It probably didn’t help that I attempted this yesterday in 39 degree heat. On the plus side the paint dried really quickly and I was wrapping presents an hour later.


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