Make your own Maternity Clothes – DIY Stretchy Maxi skirt

I’ve got a secret to tell you. I’m a bit of a scrooge when it comes to clothes.  And when I know they have an expiry date, I’m even worse, which is why dressing when I’m pregnant is a little bit difficult.  This time I’m attempting to make a few of my own maternity clothes (also a part of a new years resolution to make more things for me, something that’s you know, only taken until September to happen.  All in good time!)


As much as I love the maxi skirt I made  earlier this year, now that I’m a fair bit bigger, the high waist is really not working for me. Enter the DIY stretchy maxi skirt.  Perfect for pregnancy as well as that awkward “I’m not pregnant anymore but still don’t fit anything period”.


You’ll need about 2 metres of fabric depending on your size (just check you can wrap it around your waist with room to spare – can you tell I’m all about the precise measurements?)


Make sure it is stretchy (jersey knit or something similar) so that you have plenty of room to get fat grow.


1. Measure your hips and add 5cm.  Divide that measurement by 2 and you are going to cut that length on the fold. Keep the scraps to make a tie cord, or you could just buy a length of cord for a few dollars.


2. Fold right sides together and down the long length (this will be the back seam).  You could overlock it if you like but jersey knit won’t fray so I didn’t bother.


3.  To make the waistband, fold over 2cm twice and stitch the top and the bottom all of the way around (we’ll snip a small hole for the cord).

4. To hem, simple fold over 1cm twice and stitch the bottom only.

(It doesn’t really matter which way is which as long as your pattern is facing up).


5. (Apologies for no image – I think I got too excited to have something new to wear!). Snip a small hole in the center of the front and thread your cord through.  (If you’re making your own, cut three lengths from the scraps and plait together, tying off the ends).

stretchy maxi 1

stretchy maxi

How did you manage to dress yourself whilst pregnant without spending lots of $$? Did you make your own? Thrift? Know of any secret bargain places I should check out?

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  • I refused to spend money on maternity clothes. A amazing bra and belly band was all I bought. The rest was borrowed or bought from Op shops and adjusted.

      9 years ago

      Yeah I bought very little first time round and op shops served the majority. My workplace is much dressier this time though so I feel a little bit more pressure!

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